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Tempo Workout Went…

Last big workout of training.  35min easy, 15 min tempo, and repeat, 35 min easy, 15 min tempo.  Felt great leaving my apartment, but about 10 min into easy portion the top of my foot started feeling very sore, like my shoe was pinching.  After some adjustment and then more adjustment I was able to run with minimal discomfort and it eventually went away.  Maybe it warmed up or maybe it  became numb…I got the run in and ice bath came immediately after, back at my apartment.

It was a little nerve-racking to still have this lingering soreness, not to mention the sore groin still there.  My rational is this is the last real long solid tempo and I wanted to get it in.  From here on out until Nov 1st is the taper.  I am running the last 12 miles of the course this weekend, but that is all easy pace.  And there are a few more tempos coming up, but much less total time in the workout.

I am fully confident that I can recuperate the groin and foot issues to 100% health by Nov 1st during my taper.

And right on cue, the NYRR tip of the day is Dealing With Injury

My feeling is there is a fine line of pushing yourself to the edge during training, but if you go over injury, season ending injury can result.  These aches are minor to me, so I think that I have learned how to listen to my body over the years of trial and error.

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