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Carb Loading

I am against the theory of depletion.  There is a good carb load method I use called the Western Australian.  (from the Performance Nutrition for Runners, by Matt Fitzgerald)
“1. During the pre race week, eat normally while training lightly until the day before a longer race
2. On the morning of the day before the race, perform a brief, very high intensity workout (2.5 min at 5k race pace and a 30 sec sprint at end)
3. Consume 12g of carbs per pound of lean body mass (or 10-11 g per pound of total body weight) over the next 24hrs.”

I have used this several times with good success.  However, I DO NOT recommend experimenting with it for the first time before an important race, test it on long runs and 1/2 marathon tune ups.

This was actually a study done in 2002 at the University of W. Aust.  and the results were 90% increase in muscle glycogen storage.

I do think it is a good idea to eat about 70% of your calories as carbs during the last few days before marathon to “top off” your glycogen stores.

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