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Quad Soreness…WHY? Weather Update

I did a short tempo on Tuesday with Nate. Went well, except that prior to running it I felt some tightness in my left quad. I have no idea why. Never had this pain before. My quads are the one thing that always feel good and stable.
My only theories are a secondary strain from favoring my earlier groin strain or foot injury…OR I strained it at the food coop lifting boxes. I’m not sure, but I’m doing everything humanly possible to get rid of it before race day.
It’s actually not THAT bad. It didn’t bother me running, but it is tight when I stretch it. I will keep icing, ultrasound, Vitamin I (ibuprofen) πŸ™‚ Just read that today, funny.
and keep my fingers crossed that it is not an issue on race day.

here’s the latest πŸ™‚

weather.com 53/42 30% chance rain/partly cloudy (wind 11mph)

accuweather.com 59/48 cloudy, chance of rain and breezy (19mph, gusts to 31 mph!!!!! WHAT??)

NY1.com 60/50 party cloudy/breezy

humidity 70%ish

Where do these weather forecasters live that 19mph wind is “breezy”
and gusts up to 31mph?? Let’s hope not.

I’ll definitely be tucking behind someone bigger than me for a wind breaker πŸ™‚

  1. SCL
    October 28, 2009 at 11:39 am

    I think it will be a great day. Rain on Sat and then get it outta here Sat night. Maybe will be windy? If so, just hope it is not out of the north, which is NOT what we want!

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