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Race Day Picture Tips

Just got this email, I thought I’d pass it along.  Great tips on how to get photographed by BrightRoom, the official Photographers of the NYC Marathon!!  HERE IS WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED!! There are 11 Photograph Spots, also 4 video spots, you won’t miss them, plus people around you will be going nuts for the cameras.  Have Fun!!

1.) Please Take a Number – Wear your race number high in the center of your chest. We use the numbers to identify your photos. Also, remember to wear your number on a layer of clothes that we can see.

2.) Read a Map – Review our course shot locations on the aforementioned link and be sure to look for our photography teams wearing blue vests.

3.) Rub the Curb – When you approach our photography locations, move to one side of the road (don’t run right down the middle).

4.) Smile – Smile, yell or wave at our photographers – they love it!

5.) Do a Shot Before You Race – Be sure to get your pre-race commemorative photo by visiting our various corral locations (photographers in the blue vests) at the start staging areas between 7.00am-9.00am.

6.) Do a Shot After You Race – After you finish, grab your medal and get your commemorative medal photo by visiting our candid stations. Commemorate your accomplishment!

7.) Celebrate – Don’t Watch Your Watch – As you finish, put your hands in the air, or give a high-five to your running mate – DO NOT block your number by looking down at your watch. Let you chip record your accurate time.

8.) Don’t Tailgate – At our photo locations and at the finish, don’t run right behind someone else. Run in your own space (if you can). That way, you’ll get a cleaner shot and really showcase your finish.

9.) Run a 5 minute mile pace like Ryan Hall.

10.) Have Fun!

  1. October 30, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Was number 9 a joke? I’m not going to run a 5-minute mile- ever. Nice to think about though!

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