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Recovering From a Marathon Links

Hal Higdon’s Guide to Recovery after a Marathon!

Another Guide to Recovery 🙂


Running Times Marathon Recovery Part 1

Part 2

Personally I like to take it slow.  But I hate it!  The last thing I want to do after a marathon, especially one where I did well, is REST.

I’m so ready!  After 3 weeks of taper, you run an all out marathon. then it’s 3 more weeks of reverse taper.  I just want to run.  Several factors play a role.

1.  It’s Autumn/Fall, my favorite time to run.  I love the weather, the leaves, the crisp air. Everything

2.  Well, this time in particular is harder than the last time.  I was injured after my 1st marathon, so resting was easy.  This time I qualified for Boston!  I’m ready to get training.  Sub 3 here I come!

3.  The runners high is residual.  It lasts and lasts, and lasts!  I will talk about the marathon to anyone who will listen.  I need to burn off this excited energy

4.  After about 3 days of complete rest my legs are getting back to normal, just jogging across the street is exciting.  I want to run!

So Thursday I went to the gym and biked for about 20 minutes, lifted a little

Friday I went out for my first run.  Planned to do 15 minutes but ended up doing 11.  I didn’t want to push it and  all of the spots that were cramping in the marathon were still feeling a little fatigued on the run.  It felt great though.

I’m going to get 4-6 in this weekend.  I’m treating all my “hot spots” like injuries and icing them regularly.  I haven’t gotten a massage yet.  That is probably in my near future.

My goal for Boston build up is to #1 STAY HEALTHY!  I want to add about 10 miles/week to my totals.  A few more long runs than the NYC build up and I’d like to incorporate a few more drills that I read about too late into the NYC training.  I will go more into those in another post.

smile nyc

Not smiling...grimicing...last mile 🙂

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