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Trouble with Foot

I’ve been experiencing some new and exciting pain in my left arch.  Fun.  In addition, my left shin pain has worsened.  I’ve been researching the causes quite intensively and I’m pretty sure I’ve pinpointed the reasons.

1.  Training on a sloped road.  The park I run in has an almost constant slope to the road and it is a severe slope in some parts.  I try to use the dirt trail as much as possible but, when doing my tempos and speed work I tend to stay on the road.

2.  My feet.  I don’t think my feet have always been this flat, but maybe they have.  Anyway, I think my arches have fallen over time and I pronate.  Either way, my feet are pretty flat now.  I had been running with Ortho-Dymanics orthotics for most of marathon training, but started to alternate using them and not using them in an attempt to condition my feet to running without them since they add weight to my shoes.  And I don’t wear them for speed work, or races.

The orthotics I use, $59.95/pair

3.  Possibly my shoes.  I have read that “heavier” runners don’t need a super flexible shoe since their weight will flex the shoe plenty.

From what I’ve gathered in my research is that shin splints are the pre-cursor to stress fractures in the tibia (shin bone).  My pain is on the inner shin.

Understanding the calf and shin to prevent injury

Pics of arch taping

Goals to get my foot and shin healthy.  1.  Lose 10 lbs

2.  Do more low impact machine work at gym, ie. elliptical, bike, or rowing machine

3.  Strengthen shins, stretch and massage calves, foot and shin.

Ultrasound Therapy for Healing Tibial Stress Fracture Study

Posterior Tendinitis Rehab Exercises

  1. Dad
    December 5, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Foot taping: I watched the youtube of the foot taping. That’s great if you have access to a trainer. My foot taping procedure is three stripes starting just back from the toe pad into the arch. I start the strip and place my foot flat and bring it around.

    I have really flat feet. I tried orthotics, several types and never liked them, that’s how I started experimenting with tape. I believe you are right to begin strengthening your feet without them. Stretching the achilles and your calf will help too. Your feet and your body will adjust to having no arch. Remember to take time to concentrate on form running to get a sense of how you are landing and where the impact is.

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