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Running in Poland, Fantastic

Had my first run since arriving to Poland on Saturday.  Although it is steamy hot here as it is in New York, temperature topped out at 98* yesterday, the mornings are amazingly cool.  Woke up this morning and it was only 70.

The sun seems to want to be up at all times, only going down for a few hours a night in the summer.  Sunset was at 10pm and it was back and ready for more at 5AM!  My sleep schedule is all messed up from the jet lag.  Took about 5 naps in my first day here.  Only slept about 4 hours on the place.  Didn’t sleep at all in the shuttle from Berlin to Police, mainly due to the excessive heat and the drivers unwillingness to keep the AC on for longer than 10 seconds.  On, off, on, off, on, off, literally for 2 hours.

I was up at 6AM today ready to go, sunny and very little humidity, I headed out on my favorite path leading out of Police.  There are various trails leading into the woods and I turned down one about 2 miles into my run.  Running in NYC for the last few years, I force myself to forget how much I love running in the woods on trails.  They just aren’t readily available in NYC without a lengthy ride out of town.  I am pretty much relegated to run in Prospect Park for any form of nature.

Entering the path to the woods I was reminded of my stay in Traverse City, MI last summer at my grandparents house where I was able to enjoy some off road running.

I think my favorite part is the solitude, especially appreciated after living in a city of 10 million, it’s nice to get away from people.  But I’m enamored with everything on the trail, the soft footing, the sounds of nature, the ever-changing scents that waft across every 10 meters.  Sometimes wildflowers, then pine, dirt, or just freshness.  In Traverse City I was fortunate to come across several deer feeding on the grass in the early AM, not so lucky in Poland but I’m sure they were there someplace.

It was like an outdoor treadmill, but much more exciting than a treadmill.  It seemed like I could run on this trail forever.  I’m sure it would end somewhere but as far as I ran, it just kept going with side trails breaking off every 800m or so.  Luckily for me the trails were marked.  I happened to be on “39”.  This was extremely comforting to me, as I am locationally challenged.  It’s not that I get lost, I just don’t know where I am for extended periods of time 🙂  So the painted numbers on the trees helped.

For some bizarre reason, when I run in new locations, cities, and mainly in the forests of strange locations my mind wanders to worst case scenarios…what if there are hunters out here and I get shot, what if a wild animal attacks me, what if I come across some criminals that chase me, and on and on.  I often think, if I would injured or wounded, how would I get back to the main road or how would people find me.  How long would it take for a search party to form.  This really only happens in the woods.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me, aside from being lost from time to time,  I’ve stayed fairly safe in the woods.

This “worst case” psychosis does a few things.  One, it keeps me alert, Two, it gives me some good adreniline and I feel like I could run forever, Three, if something ever did actually happen, I think I have a good plan mapped out.  Basically I do it for entertainment, like I am running in a movie, a thriller.  It’s fun, in a weird way.

This run in the woods today was no different.  My entire 7 miles was completely alone, didn’t see another person the whole time.  Great temperature and shaded most of the way.  The footing varied from packed dirt to softer sand on a rolling trail straight into the heart of the Poland forest.  While running I felt like I could go forever and the idea of a trail marathon crossed my mind.  Definitely in my future.  Maybe a 1/2 marathon on the trails this fall.  Not really in marathon shape now, but on the trail today, I felt like it.

It’s going up to 98* again today.  No one in Poland has air conditioning in their house, since this hot weather is very rare and lasts 2 weeks at most.  At the same time screen on windows are rare, so open windows invite any flying critters to the house.  It’s all good, I will gladly take the lack of AC and screens for the opportunity to run on amazing trails just a 1/2 mile from the house.

Do Widzenia (good night)

  1. dad
    July 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Chad, cool narrative of running trails in Poland. Hey, Diane Rehm of NPR had a show about running. It was interesting, could have been better if the guys weren’t being so careful with one another. Her guests were: Amby Burfoot, Christopher McDougall–author of Born to Run, a doctor, and the guy who owns Vibram Five Fingers called in. I had to agree with McDougall that running form makes a difference, even though some people are good runners with inefficient form. And I also agree that the type of shoes today have screwed up our feet, but running barefoot is pretty dramatic, so I agreed with Burfoot that less is better when it comes to shoes. The shoes I wore in high school in the early 60’s were thinner than almost any racing shoe today and I was doing lots of repeats and miles. I used to have my guys do 10 x 100 yard grass striders as a cool down in bare feet. Did you ever do those? Did we ever do those together?

  2. Barbara Tibbetts
    July 15, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Grandpa and I are pleased that you loved running in our woods in Traverse City,
    MI, especially seeing some deer……Keep up the good running and enjoy Poland.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa T.

  1. July 26, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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