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Nothing like a 6AM Brick to wake you up!

Crawled out of bed at 5:25 AM, had a Rev3 (healthier than Red Bull) got my bike gear on and headed out. My main goals of the brick were; 1) to do it, 2) practice transition 3) make sure “no socks” was doable
Accomplished all 3. Transition was fast and no blisters. The shoes I’m using are Zoot, got ’em on sale at Jack Rabbit during the Seventh Heaven Street Fair. Half Off! Really comfortable and they have quick pull elastic laces.

Zoot Men's Ultra Tempo 2.0 Triathlon Shoes

And I wore my bike shoes sockless, which I had done before and it was fine.  I used this product called Blister shield that I had got a sample from at some race, maybe NY Marathon.  You’re supposed to dump the powder in your socks and it prevents blisters.  I dumped it in my biking shoes instead and it worked great.

Did 3 loops (3.3 mi per loop) on the bike then about a 30 second transition and 1 loop running.  Felt good, didn’t push too hard, good easy pace.  Achilles felt good.

Afterwords went to R & A and got my gears and brakes adjusted, new handlebar tape and aerobars.  I’m psyched.  I’ve wanted aerobars for a while now.  They look cool.  Here’s a pic of the new and improved speed machine 🙂

Souped up bike


  1. Dad
    July 30, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Hey, good workout and smart to run through new procedure. The bike looks great, yeah tri bikes send a message that your serious. Cyclists have a range of emotions about tri bikes, but we all know the person who rides them swims or runs better, so there is a certain, “yeah they must be good athletes!” Maybe it is because I miss running, but the shoes are very cool. Have a good race on Sunday.

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