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The Day After Tri

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…but in a good way 🙂

It’s that overall sore muscle ache that lets you know that you put in work the day before.  Mainly my neck and upper back from the swim I’m guessing.  Whipping my neck back and forth trying to gasp in air apparently took its toll on every muscle in my neck.

My legs and hips are a little sore, but nothing too serious.  Achilles feels surprisingly good.

Cleaned up my bike today.  There was some water on the course and some dirt kicked up on the bike, so, being a good owner I cleaned it up.  I don’t want my bike to end up with one of those squeeky, dirt grinding chains that I hear in the park.

Took today off from any workout.  I did walk for about 45 minutes while doing errands, so I did get warmed up and loose.  I will be running with Nate tomorrow in the park, and maybe a short bike ride later in the day, depending on weather.

I wish Brightroom photo didn’t take so long to post event pics.  I want to see them.

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