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Race Report- NYRR Holiday Run 4 Mile Prospect Park

December 14, 2009 3 comments

What a PERFECT day for a run!…(If you happen to be a PENGUIN OR POLAR BEAR!)  26 degrees and a brisk 10 mph wind.  FREEZING!  I think it felt worse since it was the first time of the season that it was really cold, the adaptation process has not begun yet.

We still all made it out there.  Alex, Trisha, Nate, and myself.  Due to a blister, Alex (my fiance) was unable to make her debut at the Turkey Trot, so this time she had to brave the cold.  We decided to take a car to the number pick up instead of walking the 1.5 miles in the cold.  Great choice.

Honestly I think I was AS excited for this race as I was for the NY marathon.  I was just so happy that Alex would be sharing an experience that I am so passionate about.

My plan was always to run along with her, but after she talked with Trisha (Nate’s wife) they decided they would rather we didn’t “tag along” with them 🙂  She didn’t want any hoopla and entourage.  That’s fine.  Actually, on a day that cold, I was happy to finish as soon as possible and get into warm clothes and warm house.  Nate and I did end up starting with the ladies and running with them for the first mile.  It was actually really fun starting towards the back of the pack.  No one was pushing and jockeying for position before the race started.  Everyone was more relaxed.  The gun went off and we didn’t move for about 30 seconds.  Weird.  After about 3 minutes we made it to the official starting line.  Thankfully we had chips so we would have an accurate net time.

Mile 1– a very congested first mile was 50% uphill.  We were all jogging with each other and it was fun.  Alex and Trisha seemed to be content running with each other, so Nate and I waved good bye and picked up the pace.  We came through 1 mile in about 10:20 🙂  Alex and Trisha just behind us in about 10:30

Mile 2– Weaving around people and running mostly on the far outside of the pack we came through 2 with 6:25 split.  It felt good to be getting warmer.  The course was packed where we were running.  Nate and I agreed that it would actually be fun to run a marathon at a slow pace and really get to enjoy and have fun while running.  Not to say that racing a marathon isn’t fun, but you don’t get to enjoy the full effect of the sights and sounds, fans, bands, etc when going for a PR or a BQ.  Maybe we will try this method out in Big Sur, since that course does not lend itself to a PR.

Mile 3– A good amount of downhill, 6:07, nice tempo pace, but definitely starting to feel it.  I wasn’t really mentally prepared to run fast, so it felt more like a tempo workout than a race.  After the 6:07 I decided I wanted to go for negative split for the last mile.

Mile 4–  Didn’t get negative.  6:23, a tough last mile.  Part of my motivation was to hurry up and finish so I could get the video camera and capture Alex’s finish.

Nate and I crossed the line, I hustled over to my bag to get the camcorder and we made our way back up the course to find them.  We intercepted them when they had about 3/4 of a mile left.  Alex was still jogging and looking good.  I filmed as they passed and then we jogged along with them.  Alex needed to walk a bit up the last incline, and told Trisha to go on ahead.  I walked with her and with 400m to go until the finish Alex started running again, MUCH faster than before.  The light at the end of the cold tunnel was in sight.  With the kick, she finished under 50 minutes.  And that is with walking the 3rd mile.  I’m very proud of her, especially for toughing it out in the cold weather.  The time isn’t important, it was fun to have her participating in a race with me.  Keep in mind she has done absolutely zero training for this.  The main thing she enjoyed was having a running partner to talk to.  Hopefully the first run of many to come. 🙂

Then we all went to Nate and Trisha’s apartment and had waffles and mimosas.  A great way to finish a chilly holiday run.


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