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NYRR Team Championships 2010 Race Report

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank goodness for muscle memory!  That’s what I had to use for this race, because it sure wasn’t my training log.  I’ve been averaging 10-20 for the last 3 months, mostly in the low to mid teens.  I have been supplementing with 20-30 miles of cycling, but I am by no means “fit”.  Not an excuse, just a fact.  I had no notions of grandeur for this race.  I was excited to be healthy enough to compete and would do my best and be happy with it.

I’ve been nursing a sore right achilles that just won’t heal.  Strained it in my very short jaunt in my Vibram’s.  So I’ve been taking it realitively easy lately.  Running about 4 times per week but nothing longer than 4-5 miles.

Club Championships are always 5 miles in Central Park and it is guys at 8am, women at 9am, which is nice.  It makes the race less congested and for the women, lets the winner actually win.  The race is also restricted to club memers, i.e. not open to the general public.

I arrived at Central Park 103rd St about 45 min before the 8am start.  Got my number and checked my bag in.  A saw a few teammates by the corral and said Hi, then started off on my warmup.  I like to warm up alone, gather my thoughts, and not have to feel pressured to go a certain speed or distance with the group.  I ended up going about 10 minutes easy and then did a couple quicker strides, then some stretching and it was time to head over to the start.

The corrals are seeded by speed.  The speed is determined by each runner’s fastest race in the previous year.  Mine was the Wall Street 5k where I averaged 5:44 pace.  Usually that puts me in the 1st corral, but they spaced it out a little more in this race and the cut off was 5:27  pace for the first corral.  Something to shoot for next year, although this year I’ve only done 4 NYRR races and by best pace so far is 6:15…

I wasn’t able to find the rest of my fellow Brooklyn Road Runners at the start, but once the race started I saw them working their way to the front in the first 800 meters.

My goal in this race was to 1. Finish 🙂  2. Take it easy in the first half of the race  3. Have fun.  I wasn’t sure what kind of shape I was in.  I ran a 21 minute 5k last weekend at the end of a triathlon, so I was hoping for 6:30 pace at best.

The weather was a huge improvement from what it had been recently.  Weather at race time was 70* with 53% humidity.

My first mile was 6:36, right on the money, the first mile is always pretty quick from the adrenaline of the start.  I settled in, took inventory of my body.  Achilles was a little tight, but loosening up, and my knee was feeling more sore than usual.  At least the problems were on opposite legs, so my hobble was evened out.  I’m kidding of course.  If your soreness/injury causes you to change or alter your stride then you shouldn’t be running.  Rest until you can run with out any limp or hitch in your stride.

2nd mile was a bit quicker, 6:26, felt good but didn’t want to get carried away.  I hadn’t done any long runs for a few weeks and 5 miles would be my longest.  I wanted to save some energy for the the last couple so I could actually hold my pace at the end.

3rd mile, I was starting to feel the fatigue creeping in.  Ran a 6:45.

4th mile, big hill, 6:59 mile.  Ouch.  Time to push the last mile

5th and final mile I cranked out a 6:28

Overall place was 352nd, time 33:17  (6:39 ave.)

I finished, I took it easy in the first 1/2 to allow a nice last mile, and I did have fun.  Goals accomplished.  Now I need to go to work on increasing my mileage, lose a little more “vacation” weight, and incorporate some tempo and speed into my training.  I want to run a trail 1/2 marathon in October.  That will require getting weekly mileage up to at least 30/wk and some long runs of 90-110 minutes.

Our Brooklyn Road Runner team was 17th out of 42 teams.  But the highlight was our 40+ and 50+ teams that were 6th and 5th respectively.  Nice job guys.  Here are the official BRRC results

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