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Prospect Park 5m Turkey Trot Race Report

December 4, 2009 2 comments

This was going to be my fiance’s NY race debut, but alas she developed a major blister on the walk over…It was a rookie mistake, baggy cotton socks were the culprit, I should have done a gear check before we left but we were in a rush to get our chip.  This leads me to the real story of awful race planning.

I contemplated doing a race day registration, but wanted it to be easy on race day, so I pre-registered at the local Jack Rabbit Sports.  Everything was going smoothly until I read the notice posted on the registration table

“Due to the un-expected high turnout we have run out of chips, if you want your race time to be recorded you may pick up your chip on race day at the Start.  Sorry for the inconvenience.”

OK.  They said they ran out of chips at 1000 entrants.  Last year’s race had 1200 runners.  It seems like they would have at least order that many.  The result of their error was mass chaos on race day.

We showed up hoping for the best, but there was no organization.  There were 3 lines and no direction as to what the lines were for.  Finally we found there was a line for race day registration, a line for chips for race day registered runners, a line for non-race day registered, and yet another line for people without a number.  Crazy.

Luckily we were there early and got in and out.  However, due to the blister, Alex withdrew from the race, saving her debut for Dec. 12th in Prospect Park. 🙂

I was planning on run-walking with her, but now with the new situation I decided to run it as a workout.  I found Steve from BRRC and hung out at the start area with him.  Suddenly, with no announcement, (that I could hear anyway) the gun goes off, and we start moving.  I never actually saw the starting line and had no idea when to start my watch.  Seems like with the chip they would have had a sensor to start, so we would have a net time.  Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to know where the start line was…a balloon, or banner, or something.  (I did find a thin orange line crookedly drawn across the road with chalk after finishing and jogging home…nice)

On to the race report of the ACTUAL race.

1 mile–7:13

jogged pretty easy for first 200 meters and realized we had actually started 🙂  gradually picked it up since I hadn’t really warmed up.

2 mile–6:25

fairly flat area, this split includes me stopping at the finish line to drop off Alex’s chip 🙂

3 mile–the uphill  800m….6:35 (really wanted negative splits)

4 mile– 6:15  found a nice rhythm

5 mile 5:59  closed nicely and didn’t feel like I was going all out

Final Time 32:31

Jogged home about 1.5 miles and iced my legs.  Arch and left shin were sore, but not any worse than the day before, so I was happy to get a good workout in before cooking Thanksgiving dinner and eating all the good stuff!

Official Result…keep in mind, 1/2 the people decided not to get their chips so they aren’t in here 😦

Turkey Trot Prospect Park 5m Results

Next Race Dec 6th…Joe Kleinerman 10K, Central Park

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