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I Just Found An Amazing Site For Pacing the NY Marathon!!

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Greg Maclin posted this link in a comment on Runners  It is a spreadsheet he MADE…

Wow!  I’m Impressed.  This site gives you a FREE trial for 5 days.  But it is only $5.75 for a “membership”

Check it out.  I stumbled across it looking for pace bands specific to NY Marathon.

Just click on New York City Marathon (ING), 5 day free trial

This is SOOOO Cool!

It’s got Detailed mile by mile descriptions

Breakdown of Hills by length and grade

Spectator guide for 3 different strategies for viewing runners in multiple locations

All of the spreadsheet is linked to your time goal.

Also includes charts for Philadelphia, Marine Corp, Boston and many more!

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