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International Soccer Game in Vienna

July 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m writing to you all from Vienna, Austria, actually just outside in a small town called Tulln.  We (my fiance and I) are here for her cousin’s wedding.  As part of the pre-wedding festivities there was a soccer game.  Poland vs Croatia (her cousin is Polish, and his fiance is Croatian).  I played for the Polish team.  I haven’t played soccer since I was little, and this game was very informal, most of the Polish players took regular cigarette breaks 🙂

Soccer Time!

We got dominated in the game, but afterward I found out that the Croation team had 4 guys who are currently playing in semi pro leagues, so I don’t feel so bad.  I did OK, for being a little rusty. I had 2 perfect headers and handled and passed the ball like a champ.  No goals though.  We lost 8 to 3.   The team called me the “marathon man”, being a runner and all.  I finished the game almost unscathed, I did have a small shin to shin clash which left a mark.  And my achilles tendon wasn’t too happy with my soccer game.  Oops.  The original achilles strain came from my venture with the Five Finger shoes a few weeks ago.  I guess it wasn’t all the way healed, but it is definetely sore today.  A slight case of achilles tendonitis.  I have a wedding to attend tonight, so there will be some dancing.  No break-dancing tonight I guess 🙂

Here is a couple good sites on treating achilles tendonitis.

Time-To-Run Site about Treatment

I’ve been icing every couple hours with an ice cube directly on the sore area and didn’t run today.

I will be doing more biking and swimming when I get back to the US to let this heal before it becomes chronic.  I’m not worried though.  I’ve had this before, it just takes rest and attention.  A lot of ice, anti inflammatory meds and don’t do anything crazy, like play soccer.


Ran in my Vibram Five Fingers

July 5, 2010 4 comments

I think I overdid it…  I wanted to get a run in before heading off to work and my procrastination made my running window smaller and smaller.  Finally I got dressed to run and with only 20 minutes before work decided to throw on my Five Finger shoes and do a quick run.  I started out and felt fantastic.  These shoes force you to run on the balls of your feet which is supposed to automatically correct any running form issues.

I felt more upright and was landing lightly.  I haven’t busted out the Vibram’s since Sept. of last year, except for wearing them in Oyster Bay during lunch on a bike ride.  I know the Vibram’s are something you need to build up with.  But I figured, “It’s only 15 minutes”  what could happen?

About 6 minutes into it my right achilles started feeling sore.  Not good.  I ruptured my left achilles back in 1999, so I am very cautious about any achilles pain.  It wasn’t a fun rehab.

I turned around at 7 minutes and had to adjust my stride.  Shortened it up and landed a little more heel-toe.  Needless to say, my calves were on fire the next day.  I did get some regular ice baths in for my lower legs, which I’m sure helped.

I’m just now getting back to normal in my calves and my right achilles still has some tightness and soreness.  Nothing too serious, it loosens up once I run for about 5 minutes, but it’s still sore in the morning.  I’ll try the Strasburg sock to get some stretch in it tonight.

In hindsite, I should have done a warmup to the park then slipped on the Vibram’s instead of starting off in them cold.

I’m 36 y.o. now, don’t bounce back like I used to in my 20’s.  The aches and pains linger for awhile longer.

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