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Cold Weather, Bursitis, Rolfing, New Shoes

January 6, 2010 1 comment

(written 1/5/10 Tuesday…forgot to click “publish”)

It is SO cold, and has been for about 10 days now.  It is the longest extended cold spell in the last 20+ years, and it is making starting Boston training tough.  I could only tough out 60 minutes this Sunday.  Not only was it 5 degrees with the windchill but it was also 5 degrees with the windchill (isn’t that enough).  I know its colder in Minnesota and North Dakota and I’m glad I’m not there, but I would still like to vent about MY frozen face.  To be honest, I can handle cold, I was born and raised in Michigan.  That doesn’t mean I like it 🙂  And the wind just cuts through you and makes it very hard to get into a groove.  I think the key is layers and covering all exposed skin.  OK, enough complaining already…

I went to Michigan during Christmas.  Had fun, ran very little.  Forgot my running shoes in Michigan.  Oops.  My mom will send them to me, but in the meantime I needed to get a new pair.  I didn’t love the Brooks Adrenaline, they rubbed my heal strangely and were not comfortable around my ankle on long runs.  So I explored my options on the internet and did a little research.  I have been running in orthotics and would prefer not to if possible, so I looked for a stability shoe that is build for overpronation, (which I do).  I found several highly rated ones like Nike Equalon, a couple Mizuno shoes looked interesting, but what caught my eye was the Asics GT-2150

Asics GT-2150

I’ve run in them a handful of times already and so far so good.  In fact my shin and foot pain has subsided so much that today my 5 mile run was pain free with no taping and no orthotics.

That leads me to my other point in the title…rolfing.  I had my 3rd session last night and the focus was reorganizing my side line.  Most of the work was focused on shoulder, upper torso, and hip/glutes.  I could see more now why it is not reccomended to stop the rolfing progression before the 10 sessions are done.  Each session builds on the last.

It’s funny.  It’s hard to put my finger on what is different after each session, mainly because it is subtle.  But I can tell you that being an athlete my whole life, I am very in tune with my body and regularly inventory every nick, pain, and imperfection of health going on with my body.  I have been running very well since starting rolfing, very comfortable at a good pace.  Although, sometimes after a rolfing session I have noticed new pains or odd muscle fatigue.  I am thinking that is due to a slight shift in posture and stance forcing me to use different muscles more.  I do know that I feel better lately and walk taller, AND feel like I’m generating more power while running more efficiently.  A good analogy I thought of while studying tips for my upcoming indoor triathlon is this…adjusting your bike seat.  There are many variables with the bike seat, height, tilt, and position it sits from the handle bars.  The perfect position is different for everyone, but when you find it you will have the best balance, power, and efficiency.

My knee bursitis is significantly better.  I took a very light running week last week, logging only 13 miles, but over 2 hours cross training on various machines.  The swelling and lump have stopped, although the knee still feels a little “loose” which is common after swelling subsides, but just in case I am doing some knee rehab exercises to strengthen it.  Still taking it easy and listening to my body.


Bursitis in my Knee :(

December 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I did an intense cleaning session at the restaurant that I’m the Chef at and it required a lot of kneeling and vacuuming, about 2 weeks ago.  I think all of the kneeling set off some irritation in my left knee and now when I run over 30 minutes I get this inflamation just below kneecap and slightly to the inside of my leg.   The good thing is, it is not painful.  I have read up on bursitis of the knee, and there are several bursa sacs in the knee.  My particular problem is called

Pes anserinus bursitis

Bursa in the Knee

The remedy is R.I.C.E, (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) so I’ve been taking it easy and doing cross training on the bike and elliptical and running a little less.

Plus, Ice and compression combined with topical NSAID like Traumeel or MSM cream.

Nutritional Supplements can also be very effective at reducing inflamation and may be a better long term solution to controlling the bursitis or arthritis.

Nutrition and Supplements

Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish or help reduce inflammation. Avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar and fat. The following supplements may help.

(excerpt taken from University of Maryland Medical Center

Pes Anserine Bursitis Treatment Options for a P.T.

· Have patient refrain from activities which increase symptoms

· Ice Massage/Ice Packs

· Postural Training/Functional Training

· ROM/Stretching

· Strengthening

· Massage/Soft Tissue Mobilization

· Joint Mobilization

· Gait Training

· Orthotics

· Ultrasound/Phonophoresis/Iontophoresis

There is a good site about bursitis at

I’m pretty sure that the kneeling episode set it off, but only combined with my high mileage, and poor mechanics on my left leg.  So I am working on stregthening my lower left leg.  Also the rolfing sessions are helping with proper mechanics.

On a “lighter” note…the Christmas season was great but not an ideal setting for losing weight.  Yeah, I put on a couple pounds, but I’m still much lighter than I was at this time last year, by about 10 lbs.  My favorite thing to do after the Holidays is the 5-day Reset, which is a nutritional based weight loss system made by a company that I work with and use.

5 Day RESET Kit

I was 194 this morning before I went to the gym…not good.  I’ll keep you updated on my 5 day results.

I also registered for my first triathlon, albeit an INDOOR tri, I’m excited.  I’m a little worried about the swim though, I haven’t swam for speed in, well, never.  I’ve swam laps before when I was younger, like 20 years ago.  Oh well, you gotta start somewhere right?  I will try to get in a pool before the Jan. 10th event, but it may not happen.  It’s only a 10 minute swim, then 30 min on the bike, then 20 min on the treadmill.  I’ve always wanted to get into Tri’s since I feel like my body type is more suited to that than it is to long distance running.  We’ll see where I stack up with very little training 🙂

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