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How to Change a Bike Tire

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I gotten many flat tires in my time riding bikes.  But they have always been on mountain bikes.  After purchasing my Pinarello road bike, I knew it was just a matter of time until one of my tires popped.  My concern was, how would my bike handle with a flat?  Mountain bike rims are huge compared to road bikes, so all my flats on mountain bikes were uneventful.

The seemingly giant rock came out of nowhere and I crushed it with my front tire, jolting my whole upper body.  Aside from startling me as I sped downhill at 25mph, I thought the bike made it out unscathed.  15 seconds later I realized my tire is not supposed to sound or feel like that, so I eased to a stop, hopped off and began my first tire change on the road bike.  I also was using the CO2 cartridge and tire levers for the first time.

Everything was pretty straight forward until I couldn’t get the Presta valve to stay out far enough to attach the CO2 nozzle.  So I had to take the tire apart again and realized there was a small nut screwed onto the valve.  My popped tire didn”t have it so I took it off and screwed it back on after the valve was through the rim.  It held the tube in place and gave support to the valve.  after the tire was inflated, I took the nut off.

Here is an unedited video of me changing a tire in a recreation of the event.

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