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Cold Weather, Bursitis, Rolfing, New Shoes

January 6, 2010 1 comment

(written 1/5/10 Tuesday…forgot to click “publish”)

It is SO cold, and has been for about 10 days now.  It is the longest extended cold spell in the last 20+ years, and it is making starting Boston training tough.  I could only tough out 60 minutes this Sunday.  Not only was it 5 degrees with the windchill but it was also 5 degrees with the windchill (isn’t that enough).  I know its colder in Minnesota and North Dakota and I’m glad I’m not there, but I would still like to vent about MY frozen face.  To be honest, I can handle cold, I was born and raised in Michigan.  That doesn’t mean I like it 🙂  And the wind just cuts through you and makes it very hard to get into a groove.  I think the key is layers and covering all exposed skin.  OK, enough complaining already…

I went to Michigan during Christmas.  Had fun, ran very little.  Forgot my running shoes in Michigan.  Oops.  My mom will send them to me, but in the meantime I needed to get a new pair.  I didn’t love the Brooks Adrenaline, they rubbed my heal strangely and were not comfortable around my ankle on long runs.  So I explored my options on the internet and did a little research.  I have been running in orthotics and would prefer not to if possible, so I looked for a stability shoe that is build for overpronation, (which I do).  I found several highly rated ones like Nike Equalon, a couple Mizuno shoes looked interesting, but what caught my eye was the Asics GT-2150

Asics GT-2150

I’ve run in them a handful of times already and so far so good.  In fact my shin and foot pain has subsided so much that today my 5 mile run was pain free with no taping and no orthotics.

That leads me to my other point in the title…rolfing.  I had my 3rd session last night and the focus was reorganizing my side line.  Most of the work was focused on shoulder, upper torso, and hip/glutes.  I could see more now why it is not reccomended to stop the rolfing progression before the 10 sessions are done.  Each session builds on the last.

It’s funny.  It’s hard to put my finger on what is different after each session, mainly because it is subtle.  But I can tell you that being an athlete my whole life, I am very in tune with my body and regularly inventory every nick, pain, and imperfection of health going on with my body.  I have been running very well since starting rolfing, very comfortable at a good pace.  Although, sometimes after a rolfing session I have noticed new pains or odd muscle fatigue.  I am thinking that is due to a slight shift in posture and stance forcing me to use different muscles more.  I do know that I feel better lately and walk taller, AND feel like I’m generating more power while running more efficiently.  A good analogy I thought of while studying tips for my upcoming indoor triathlon is this…adjusting your bike seat.  There are many variables with the bike seat, height, tilt, and position it sits from the handle bars.  The perfect position is different for everyone, but when you find it you will have the best balance, power, and efficiency.

My knee bursitis is significantly better.  I took a very light running week last week, logging only 13 miles, but over 2 hours cross training on various machines.  The swelling and lump have stopped, although the knee still feels a little “loose” which is common after swelling subsides, but just in case I am doing some knee rehab exercises to strengthen it.  Still taking it easy and listening to my body.


Great Tempo Today, CHILLY!…What to Wear On Race Day

October 14, 2009 1 comment

The tempo workout went better than I expected today. It was Hindy, Nate and I, the Michigan trifecta (we are all originally from MI)  I am always positive and optimistic but these aches and pains are lingering and I didn’t know how much I would be able to push. I woke up at 6am to get some heating pad action on my groin/hip and hamstrings.   I was excited to do the workout despite the cold weather and tight muscles.  –SIDE NOTE–I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday.  I don’t keep as good of track as I should about how many miles my shoes have on them.  Thinking back, I have about 400 miles on my current shoes.  I am fairly hard on shoes so, 400 is more than I like to go in a pair.  I am reminded to get new shoes when I start to get sore in weird places.  The trainers I’m currently using  are Brooks Adrenaline.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

But those aren’t the shoes I wore today.  I wanted to test out my marathon gear in cold weather. This morning at 6am the temp was 42F/39F wind chill.   Chances are marathon day won’t be in the 30s but it’s possible.  I wore my flats that I will be running the marathon in.  Brooks Racer ST 4 and as Brooks states “has enough substance to conquer the marathon but light enough for the 5K”…perfect

Brooks Racer ST 4

Brooks Racer ST 4

I also wore everything else I plan to wear in marathon if temperature is 38-45.  Here is the list.  Hat by Under Armour (over the ear) most heat is lost through the head, if it’s in the 50s I’ll probably switch it out for a rimmed hat.

Under Armour beanie hat

Under Armour beanie hat

I wore a nike short sleeved technical shirt, very lightweight, I think its polyester, loose fitting, and my team tank top over it.  Trek arm sleeves.  Which are nice because they allow free movement and can also be rolled down if you become too hot.  I wore them last year and they worked great. Basically they keep your arms warm without having to wear the shirt part, since your core should be fairly warm.

Trek Arm Warmers

Trek Arm Warmers

On the bottom, I wore 2XU compression shorts and regular running shorts over them, and 2XU calf compression sleeves.  Why not just wear the full tights?  1.  I think the calf sleeves look cool 🙂  2.  Full tights sag and bunch…maybe compression ones wouldn’t, I haven’t tried them yet.

My combo is more versatile in more weather scenarios.  Finally on my feet, a new pair of socks, dual layer to prevent blisters.  I have been using Injinji toe socks, but socks are irritating my foot tendon, so I found a great pair of coolmax socks that have a looser elastic.  I would like to use the toe socks in the marathon if my foot feels better, they almost ensure no blisters on your toes.

Injinji Toe Socks

Injinji Toe Socks

The workout itself was great.  4x10min tempo with 2 min jogging rest.  Warmed up 2 miles, then went into the workout.  Averaged about 620-630 pace and #1 and #2, then for some reason we hammered the 2nd half of the 3rd repeat, and it was uphill, must’ve been about 6:15 pace.  #4 started out around 6:20 pace, but was quickly dropped down to 6:10ish.  No one was visibly pushing the pace, it just kind of spiraled into FAST.  Oh well, it builds confidence for the marathon.  All the gear felt good.

My weight is down to 187 lbs pre workout, finished at 185lbs with 16oz water consumption.  So about 3lbs of water loss during 1hr run in cold weather.  Also had 6 Shot Bloks and a salt tablet before heading out.  Nothing was consumed during run.  After I had 2 scoops of R4 in

Black Cherry Shot Bloks w/ Caffine

12oz of water when I got home, then 20 minutes later, a USANA shake with frozen peaches and flax oil added.

Oh, one more thing that I love to use are the BreatheRight strips that go on your nose and let you get more air in your nostrils.  I have been using them for the last couple races and hard workouts.  I used them years ago, but forgot about them.  I think they make a difference, even if it slight, over the course of the marathon

BreatheRight Strip

it may shave some seconds.  (And Ryan Hall uses them).

Here is a good article about what to wear on Race Day from NYRR

What Will You Wear On Race Day?

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