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All is Good at Grete’s Half Marathon–1:25:51 Race Report

October 3, 2009 2 comments

I was excited to test my fitness with a goal marathon pace run.  But I was dreading the weather forecast, thunderstorms, 100% humidity and 69 degrees.  100% chance of rain.

Race Stats

Amazingly the rain held off for the race.  I couldn’t believe it, and I actually saw the sun peak through at 9AM.  I’m not a fan of warm and humid for racing, but that is what was dealt, so I dealt.

My plan going in was 6:50-7:00 pace for all the miles, uphill and downhill.  My ankle felt good, my groin felt good.  I felt rested and carb loaded.  The morning breakfast consisted of double portion of R4 and a banana at 7AM.  I also brought an extra R4 for after the race to start the recovery process.  I also brought a water bottle filled with Accelerade.  As you may know from my last post I planned to experiment with Succeed Sodium Capsules.

I met Nate and Trisha at the Subway station at 7:20 and we were on our way.  The weekend subway craziness is a neccesary evil in NYC, but we managed to time the subway and transfer perfectly, so we got to the 68th Street stop in about 45 minutes.

We got our numbers and free t-shirts, checked our baggage and started our 10 minute warmup.  I stretched out with some leg swings and the usual routine.  We got into our corral and listened to Mary Wittenberg the leader of NYRR talk, heard Grete Weitz (who the race is in honor of, 9 time NYC marathon winner) talk, God Bless America was sung, Cha Cha gave the race instructions…by now my warm up is long forgotten and I’m feeling not so warm anymore.

I should backtrack, at 8:30 I took my sodium capsule, and 2 No-Doz, 8:45 ate 3 Black Cherry Shot Bloks.

The gun sounded and we were off.  The first mile was crowded even though we were in the front corral, it was also downhill, so despite the crowd we went through we were still out quick

Mile 2

Mile 2

Mile 1–6:28  Felt good, felt like I was walking, but I could feel it was not 7 flat

Mile 2–6:40 Pulled it back a little but still fast

Mile 3–6:35 Still feel good, really trying not to get carried away, its a long race

Mile 4–6:37  Ok, I’m holding this and it feels good, so I’ll run by feel.  I know I’m in good shape, just didn’t think THIS good

Mile 5–6:42 big hill

Mile 6–6:33 started running with a guy from Central Park Track Club, he was doing the race as a tempo workout, I heard him talking with another runner, so I decided to stay with him (39:36 total time).  Took another sodium capsule at 35 min.

Mile 7–6:14 some downhill but got a little excited staying with CPTC guy.  Done with the first loop, 6 miles to go and I wanted to run negative splits…I’m going to have to hustle.

Mile 8–6:32 5 miles to go, I will pick it up a little on the next one

Mile 9–6:18

Mile 10–6:38

Mile 11–6:42  big hill again

Mile 12–6:33  Wanted to finish a little quicker, but foot started hurting, so I eased off and finished even (39:30 total time 6-12)

Mile 13–6:33  Very even

.1– :40

Total 1:25:51



Putting it on paper like this I’m seeing I ran a dead even race.  Since it was a 2 loop course, Mile 1 and 7 were the same spot, 2 and 8 and so on. Except for mile 7 and 9 where I got a little fiesty, I ran almost exactly even splits, very happy with the effort.

Food consumption…altogether I had 12 cubes of shot bloks, 6 black cherry and 6 margarita 3x sodium.

Water consumption… Took some water at most stops, probably 3oz each time, used to wash down shot bloks and stay hydrated.

Overall Brooklyn Road Runners ran well.

BRRC Team Results

BRRC Team Results

As you can see we have a couple of impressive age group guys.  John Shostrom in particular is one the top 55-59 year olds in NY.

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