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Whew! I’m Officially In Boston

November 18, 2009 4 comments

I was actually worried for 24 hours!  I kinda thought it was automatic.  If you run the time and register, you’re in.  I registered on Nov 2nd, the day after running a qualifying time of 3:15:53 at NYC.  And being the excited kid at heart that I am, I checked the Entry List on the Boston site everyday to see if my name was there yet.

So, Nov 16th comes and I see a Facebook post from a running friend that says he just got his email confirmation for Boston. What?!  I don’t have mine yet.

I go to the Boston site and check again…nothing, just a Melissa Tibbetts, who is not related, but seems to be taunting me.  I start checking other friends from my running club that I know qualified and registered. Nate…he’s in, Steve…he’s in…Elias…he’s in….C’mon!!  Is my time not fast enough?!  I know I registered before them, so I didn’t miss the registration cut off, and all those guys ran NYC.  OK, let me check the “fine print” maybe they take fast guys first, and if it fills up, sorry Charlie.

“The B.A.A. reserves the right to reject any entry, issue special invitations, cancel the race, expand or further limit the field, or adjust the entry procedures.”

Oh GREAT!  They might reject me!?  I immediately send an email, stating my time and my registration confirmation number.  To make matters worse I read another post on Facebook from a guy who also qualified and hasn’t received an email confirmation yet.

Tuesday Nov. 17th 3:45pm

email received…

Dear Chad W. Tibbetts,

This is to notify you that your entry into the 114th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 19, 2010 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.”

YES!!  (heart racing…smile beaming…relief…excitement…nervous)

Now I actually have to run it!

I was so worried about NOT getting in, I had decided on running the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati instead and crushing the qualify time to show those Boston people what’s up. 🙂

But I’m in. Let the training begin!

Tuesday Ran 4 miles easy, then later in day did 6×400 at 5k pace, with 2 1/2 minutes standing rest.  Felt good. Ran smooth, comfortable. Ran 87-90 seconds per.

Wednesday 5 miles easy recovery run

Thursday plan is 3x1mi at 10k pace about 6 min/mile with 3-5 min jogging rest.

This is from the Hal Higdon Advanced Marathon Recovery Plan Week 2

Also, got my official Brightroom Photo CD.  Will Post Pics soon

Next Race will be in 2 1/2 weeks, Dec 6th.  Joe Kleinerman 10K

Goal is 37:31 which is 56 VDOT (6:02 pace) on the Jack Daniel Chart and equivalent to a 2:53:20 marathon, and 1:23 1/2 marathon.  Most recent best 10k time is 37:50 in May 08 at the Healthy Kidney.

I think it is very do-able.  And I’m excited to have a race to look forward to again.


Recovering From a Marathon Links

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Hal Higdon’s Guide to Recovery after a Marathon!

Another Guide to Recovery 🙂


Running Times Marathon Recovery Part 1

Part 2

Personally I like to take it slow.  But I hate it!  The last thing I want to do after a marathon, especially one where I did well, is REST.

I’m so ready!  After 3 weeks of taper, you run an all out marathon. then it’s 3 more weeks of reverse taper.  I just want to run.  Several factors play a role.

1.  It’s Autumn/Fall, my favorite time to run.  I love the weather, the leaves, the crisp air. Everything

2.  Well, this time in particular is harder than the last time.  I was injured after my 1st marathon, so resting was easy.  This time I qualified for Boston!  I’m ready to get training.  Sub 3 here I come!

3.  The runners high is residual.  It lasts and lasts, and lasts!  I will talk about the marathon to anyone who will listen.  I need to burn off this excited energy

4.  After about 3 days of complete rest my legs are getting back to normal, just jogging across the street is exciting.  I want to run!

So Thursday I went to the gym and biked for about 20 minutes, lifted a little

Friday I went out for my first run.  Planned to do 15 minutes but ended up doing 11.  I didn’t want to push it and  all of the spots that were cramping in the marathon were still feeling a little fatigued on the run.  It felt great though.

I’m going to get 4-6 in this weekend.  I’m treating all my “hot spots” like injuries and icing them regularly.  I haven’t gotten a massage yet.  That is probably in my near future.

My goal for Boston build up is to #1 STAY HEALTHY!  I want to add about 10 miles/week to my totals.  A few more long runs than the NYC build up and I’d like to incorporate a few more drills that I read about too late into the NYC training.  I will go more into those in another post.

smile nyc

Not smiling...grimicing...last mile 🙂

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