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My First New York Road Runner Club Council Meeting

January 28, 2010 2 comments

The meeting was held at the NYRR office at 9 East 89th Street at the NYRR headquarters.  I was asked to attend since our usual club representative would not be able to make it, and I happily agreed.  I want to take a larger role with our club Brooklyn Road Runners (BRRC) and attending this and subsequent meetings is a big step to do that.

My main goal was to go and observe and kind of get the gist of what it was all about and how it was run.  I did have one “issue” to bring up when the time presented itself.  There are over 100 running clubs in the NYC area and we all compete in predetermined races throughout the year for points.  These races determine the club winners.  Now, normally (in years past) the exact races that would be deemed “club points races” were discussed and determined at this meeting.  This year however, this was not the case.  A ballot was sent out to 150 club reps and they all voted on what races they wanted to have as points races.  This vote was tallied and an unofficial list was compiled and sent to the club reps, who then forwarded the info to the club members.

Here is the issue…one of the races listed was the Feb. 7th race, the Gridiron Classic 4 mile.  Now I and everyone else (I’m assuming) realized it was an unofficial list and may change.  The problem was NYRR races have caps or limits on entries due to the capacity of Central Park, so a decision had to be made.  Enter the Feb 7th race before it becomes official or wait and risk the race filling up and missing the opportunity to compete in a points race.  Well, the BRRC members signed up only to discover Jan. 24th that the Gridiron race had in fact been removed from the list and replaced with another race in September.

I planned to bring this bait and switch up at the meeting 🙂

The meeting room was packed, luckily I arrived early and got a seat.  There were about 30 seats and 50 people in all.  The meeting was run by Mary Wittenberg, CEO of NYRR and a couple of her assistants.  We were all given a printed agenda and then the floor was opened to anyone who wanted to add agenda items.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves, telling our name, club, aprox. club membership, and our position.  I estimated the last two 🙂

There was a heated remark given by Stacy the rep from Central Park Track Club regarding the Club Points Schedule being decided without our input AND she mentioned that 40 of her club members had signed up for Gridiron thinking it would be a club race.  Discussion of the Club Points Schedule would dominate the night.

Here are my notes…

-Club Night will be held Thursday March 4th 6pm-11pm at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.  Tickets are $50 and include soda/juice, appetizers, and 2 cocktails, beer, or wine.  Award winners will get photo on stage and their award, of course.

-Haitian Relief Road Runners Race/Walk will be held on Saturday, Feb 20th.  It will be a 4 miler and proceeds with go to Red Cross, Partners in Health, and Doctors without Borders.

-The NYC 1/2 Marathon will be held on March 21st and volunteers are still needed.  The reason for the moving of the date to the Spring was to establish and International Premium race to “bookend” the NYC marathon in the Fall.

-Rules of the Road, reminding runners to be aware in the parks (Central and Prospect) since there are often many others to share the park with.  Cyclists, cars, and of course other runners.  Try not to run more than 2 or 3 abreast and be aware of people going in the opposite direction.

Then we got to the main event…Club Points Schedule

One main concern was the lack of variety of distances.  In example, there is one stretch where the women compete in 3 straight 10ks.  There was also a lack of a 1 mile race, no 15k, only 1 half marathon.  Also, one race was on Sept. 11th and one race on Easter, the concern here was some people observe these day(s) in a special way and racing in the morning is not possible.

I suggested adding the Gridiron back to the list, but since it was yet another 4 miler, it got voted down.  We, and when I say we, I’m refering to myself, Central Park TC, and 2 other club wanted the Gridiron since our clubs signed up for the race…but no luck.  I can say we fought the good fight.

After much discussion the outcome (after a vote) was no change.  Keep the schedule as is, so the Club Races for 2010 will be as follows

Coogans 5k, March 7th

Scotland Run 10K, Apr 3rd

Healthy Kidney 10K, May 15th

NYRR  Mini 10K, June 12 (Women Only)

NYRR Father’s Day, 5M, June 20 (Men Only)

CPC Run for Central Park, 4M, July 17th

NYRR Club Championships 5M, Aug 7th

Mind, Body, Spirit Games 4M, Sept 11th (Separate Starts)

Grete’s Great Gallop, 13.1M, Oct 2nd

NYC Marathon, 26.2M, Nov 7th

Kleinerman 10K, Dec 5th

(Although there were no changes, it was decided that the Club council meeting in September will discuss the 2011 list of races and discuss the types of distances that will be included.)

Of these races, each club will be able to drop their worst team race, 9 of the 10 will be scored.

Also, to complete in the Club Championships, runners must run in at least 1 club race before July 17th.

A couple other notes…clubs can volunteers as a club 2 times per year to earn 2 entries into the marathon.

Mary also spoke of caps on races, saying that most races are capped at 5000, meaning 6500-7000 entries are accepted.  She is working on increasing caps on some races this year.  It was also mentioned that a cap amount list may also be published.

They are looking at altering the course of the NY Half so they can increase the field to over 10,ooo.  It is currently capped at 10,000 due to the fact that a full loop of the park is made before exiting and a larger field would interfer with the leaders exiting the park.

And last but not least, race fees will be going up.  They are currently $17 for members early entry and will go up to 18 or 19.  While 1/2 marathons will increase to 22-24 per race.  The NY Marathon entry fee for member will go up yet again by $10 😦

All in all, a good experience.  I am eager to discuss the future of Brooklyn Road Runners with the current officers of the club.


My Current PR’s–Lifetime

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

1 mile-4:28 (1992) SCC Conference Meet

2 mile-9:44 (1990) Regional Meet

5k-16:04 (1992) Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, MI

4 mile- 23:29 (2009)

8k-27:35 (2003) Rothman 8K, Philadelphia, PA (76.9 age grade)

10k-32:53 (5:18/mi pace) (1992) Heart of the Hills 10K, Bloomfield Hills, MI

15k-1:01:14 (2007)

10 mile-59:50? (1995) Crim, Flint, MI

Half Marathon- 1:23:05 (2007) NYC Nike 1/2

Marathon- 3:25:22 (2008) NYC

My Dad ran only one marathon in his long running career.  His time was 3:29 at a very small marathon in 1978 in Saginaw, Michigan.

My Mom ran Chicago in 4:48 in 1997 at age 48, and came back in ’98 to run Detroit in 4:22, impressive, started running in her 40’s.

I plan to crush my Marathon PR this year at NY, low goal is sub 3:15 (Boston Qualifying), Medium goal is sub 3:05, Ideal goal is 2:55

Here is a link to all my races that Athlinks has access to.

It’s difficult to find results that are pre 1997

Jack Daniels Training seems to be working!

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I bought this book 5 years ago,  Danels’ Running Formula, by Jack Daniels .  NO! Not the whiskey, he is a famous running coach.  I use the book to formulate workout for specific races.  I ran my first marathon last year and referenced the book, but didn’t follow any of the training plans.  Oops.  This year my training partner Nate and I have been following Marathon A plan quite closely and results are great.

I can only say results are great by the way I feel when running the specified workouts.  The pace is getting easier and I can feel myself getting stronger.  A small test of fitness will occur this weekend in Central Park.  Our team, Brooklyn Road Runners has a 4 mile team race and it will be my first race in about 5 weeks.

We have been doing tempo runs right around 6 minute pace comfortably, so I am planning on being under 6 minutes/mile avearage, shooting for mid 23s

Our workout today was 8×5 min tempo with 30 seconds recovery.  Not as bad as I thought it would be going in.  The rest was harder mentally than the actual running.  I felt better just to get running again.  Held back on purpose due to race coming up,  tried to hold it at 6:30 pace, but usually ended up quicker, 6:10-6:20.

Still have sore quads and hams from our 18 miler on Sunday night, 2x10min tempo, 10 miles easy, 20 min tempo. Tough.

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