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10/1/09 30 Days to go

October 1, 2009 2 comments

Taking day off today from running. I will hit the gym for a quick lift and some cardio. Hip/groin feels a little tight from yesterdays workout. Iced this morning. Rest will do me good. Tomorrow just a light jog with a 3 minute hard effort to deplete glycogen stores.

I purchased the NYC Bus Tour Tickets yesterday for my Dad, fiance and myself. I think it will be a cool experience to show them where I run. It takes 4 hours, so at least I can say I’m faster than the bus tour 🙂 It will also be a good focusing session to see and imagine the race at different points. I hope it is fun and relaxing. I’ll will take some pics and report on it after.

October is here. Seems like it took forever but so fast at the same time. The shape I am in now is the shape I am in. There is very little any workouts or long runs will change. They are mainly for confidence and to stay tuned up.

One thing I learned this year is that the marathon taper should be a cut in mileage but NOT intensity. Continue running your easy runs at the same speed, continue doing workouts, but decrease the length of both.

For example, Nate and I have been doing workouts like 6x5min tempo, 1 hr run easy, 6x5min tempo. Now we won’t drop the tempo out, but reduce it to 4x10min next week, then 3x10min tempo, then in the final week Tuesday 4x4min tempo. So we still feel sharp, but rested at the same time.

I think a lot of runners make the mistake of not tapering enough for fear that they will “lose their edge”, or “forget how to run”, or “wasted their training”. The truth is a proper 2-3 week taper is AS important as the previous 20 weeks. (more on this later)

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