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Last 11.2 of Marathon Course

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

It almost seemed as if the NYC transportation Gods were against me today.  Granted it is always an adventure traveling around NY on the subways during the weekend, there is always construction, closures, delays, etc.  So, of course, when I got to the G train to head to Queens, it was out of service and a shuttle bus was offered, but not for where I was going.  So I jogged back home, called a car service and headed out via car.  This guy really had no clue where I was going, even after calling his station for directions to Queensboro Plaza.  I really was no help because I never go to Queens.  After driving around the vicinity of where it might be, I just paid and hopped out to look for it on foot.  I am normally directionally challenged, but I got lucky today and found my running partner John quickly.

Finally I met up with my buddy John  at 8:30am at the base of the Queensboro Bridge and set off to run the end of the marathon course.  I wanted to have a clear mental picture for my pre-race visualizations and to scout out the landmarks and nuances of the ups and downs, inclines, declines, bridges, and bridges…

The weather was humid and about 60 at the start and turned cooler and started sprinkling a bit by the time we finished 1 hour and 35 minutes later.  We started out easy on the bridge and saw many other fellow runners training for the marathon.  The bridge is a substantial uphill and downhill and should be treated with respect.  Relax on the downhill, shake the legs out, but don’t push, you will need that energy later.

Off the bridge, now in Manhattan, taking a right on 1st Ave, the road levels out to flat and we pass 17 mile marker at 72nd street.  At about 17.75 there is another good downhill dip.  18 miles comes at around 92nd St, 19 miles at 111th St.  Very flat until you hit the Willis Ave Bridge going into the Bronx.  There was some construction so we couldn’t run on the 1st half of the bridge, so we took some stairs around the detour and ran 3/4 of the bridge.  It’s fairly short which adds to the steepness but it is over with quickly.  Coming off this bridge we hit mile 20…10k to go (6.2 miles).

1st Ave

1st Ave

We make 3 quick turns weaving through the Bronx and arrive at the Madison Ave bridge, roughly the same size and length of the Willis bridge, we arrive safely back in “the city” and pass mile 21.

The Bronx

The Bronx

Turning onto 5th Ave, this is the home stretch.  We pass mile 22 as we circumvent Marcus Garvey Park on newly paved roads.  Central Park is in sight now and I feel like I am in much better shape than when I did this workout last year.  Then not a second later my groin strain tightens up and I am forced to ease off the pace a bit.

We pass 23 mile mark at 102nd and already the hills are starting.  It feels fairly gradual but lengthy, I remember HURTING at this point last year.  Finally we top off as we enter the park at 90th st and we are flat again for a few minutes, then a downhill dip which seems welcome but, it is just as tough, I remember my quadriceps exploding with pain on every step last year.  At 24.5 you are going back up and then it is basically rolling until the end where you finish on an uphill right in front of Tavern on the Green restaurant.

We finish it.  Buy some Gatorade and head out to the subway home.  I ended up with 1:40 of total running, about 13 miles, I had planned to run a little more, but decided to call it a day.


Today–Rest; Tomorrow–Running Last 11.2 miles of NYC course!

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I am resting after a tough workout on Thursday. Doing a lot of treatment on my aches and pains. Icing, ultrasound, compression, massage, and icing, and oh yeah, did I mention icing 🙂

Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may go extra once in Central Park, maybe 15-16 total. Starting at the base of the Queensboro Bridge at Mile 15. I did this same workout last year, but started at mile 16.5, on the Manhattan side of the bridge. I’ll give a report tomorrow, stay tuned.

Queensboro Bridge NYC Marathon

Queensboro Bridge NYC Marathon

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