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Weather Forecast is Getting Better by the Day!!

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

here’s the latest 🙂 53/45 30% showers/ cloudy (wind 6mph NWN) 60% humidity 59/54 cloudy, chance of rain and breezy (10 mph) 58/48 scattered showers/cloudy

Saturday is supposed to be high 60s maybe 70, so we are lucky it will cool off! Keep in mind the overnight low on Saturday is mid 40s to low 50s and the hi on Sunday is mid to hi 50s, so very little temp difference from waking up to finishing.
Accuweather predicts rain EARLY on Sunday, like 4am early. Then just cloudy.

Actually the conditions are getting better everyday! Now less wind, less humidity, perfect temp. Looking great folks!

Have fun at the expo and eat some carbs and hydrate. Don’t be shy on the sodium. A little extra salt will help retain water, which is a good thing 🙂


Nice and Easy. Weather lookin’ Good!

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Now is the time of training where I become a little paranoid 🙂  I take extra caution crossing the street, make sure I have sure footing when walking, so as not to roll my ankle.  Don’t run up the stairs, walk instead.  Everything I eat is thought about for an extra moment.  Why I do this, I’m not sure.  Maybe because so much time, miles, and planning went into this 1 single race, I want everything to be perfect leading into it.  ALMOST THERE!!

Here is the latest on the weather front…

here’s the latest 🙂 57/48 partly cloudy 63/51 sunny 60/NA party cloudy

those are all solid! 63 is pretty warm but most will either be done or close to it when the hi temp hits (usually around 3pm)

Start should be near the low or a touch warmer.

Lookin’ good folks!

I took Sunday off, but had to make up a shift at the Food Coop that I am a member of.  Basically members have to work at the Coop for free, but in return we get great organic food and below market prices.  AND it is literally across the street from my apartment, so it’s a “no-brainer” .  I always dread my shift, probably more than most since the “normal” member works a 2 hour shift, monthly.  I choose to work the over night maintenance shift which is 8pm-2am on Sunday night.  But the kicker is I only have to work once every quarter!  4 times/year instead of 12.  And to be honest its never as bad as I dread, but its a rough Monday after getting minimal sleep.

And I missed the Yankee game 😦 but they managed to win without me.  It will be tough to get my zzzz’s with the World Series in full effect.  I guess I’ll have to DVR the later innings and watch in morning.

Training wise, I took Sunday off.  Ran a very easy 2 miles Monday morning at about 8 min pace.  Tomorrow is a short tempo to get the kinks out and loosen up.  4x4min at tempo with full rest in between.


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