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10/2/09 Mini Carb Load

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Started today with 10 minutes easy in the park. Then ran 3 1/2 minutes at 5k pace with 30 seconds at 90% to finish, then a 6 min jog home.

Had a double serving of R4 Endurox drink.

I will continue to consume mostly carbs (80%-85%) for rest of day and tomorrow morning.
We’ll see how it works for the Half Marathon.  It’s the day before the race and I’m still not sure what I’m really trying to do in the race.  The original plan was to run at marathon pace or a little faster.  But what is my marathon pace?  My 3 goals are 2:59 ideal, 3:05 medium, 3:14 minimum (3:15 is Boston qualifyer).  So there are a range of “marathon goal paces”.

I guess I want to see how I feel, especially with the groin problem and recovering ankle.  I did have a good tempo workout on Wednesday.

2:59 is 6:50/mi pace, 3:05 is 7:03/mi, 3:14 is 7:24/mi.  I ran 1:29:11 at the end of May which is 6:48 pace and I’m in much better shape now.  Then there is the weather to consider, it’s supposed to be rainy and windy.  Plus it is in Central Park, 2 loops which is not fast, its very hilly, up and down.  As I am writing this I think I’ve decided to run right at 7:00/mi for the first loop (6mi), then see how I feel.  Hold 7s or go a bit faster.  I think that is a constructive run.

Weight this morning was 189lbs, would like to be low 180s by marathon time.

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