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My 2nd indoor Triathon, Prospect Park YMCA (With RESULTS!!)

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

After all this drama with my knee and the go ahead from my doctor to resume regular training, I was very much looking forward to competing in this triathlon on my “home turf” at my gym, the Prospect Park YMCA.  I didn’t really have super high aspirations since I have been AWOL from consistent training for the last 2 months, I’m just itching to compete in something 🙂

I have recently taken a new job and have been working my tail off for the last 2 weeks.  For those that don’t know….I’m a chef and I’ve been putting in about 60-65 hours a week, 90% of which is spent on my feet and running up and down stairs.  In a way, I guess it keeps me in shape but it is also draining and not really race specific exercise.

I choose to do the 9AM wave, just to get started early.  Woke up around 7:45 since the walk over is only about 10 minutes.  I arrived about 8:15, signed in for the 9:15 wave, took a quick tour and went outside for a 1 mile warmup before my swim.

Got in the pool, they give us a couple minutes to warm up in the pool.  At this pool there is a little ledge about 4 feet down the wall, so you can stand on it.  So I did.  And as I pushed off to start my warm up, my left foot slipped off the ledge and the bottom of my shin slammed the ledge…OOOWWWW.  So for 1/2 a lap of my warm up I was cursing under water.  It really hurt, but I had no time to worry about it, oh well.

I’ve been practicing my swimming but not enough.  It’s funny…I actually thought I had made a giant performance leap since swimming my first tri, but today realized that the pool I practice in is only 20 yds 😦  In my training I’ve been steady at 24 laps in 10 minutes.  I managed 26 laps today so I was happy with the PR, and distance wise, it was longer than my first tri, even with the shorter pool.  1st Tri 475 yds, 2nd Tri 520 yds.  26 laps.  Felt slow, but I still was close to the top.  Not sure about official results, but I will post them here in the next couple days.

Out of the pool and we had about 15 minutes for transition, so I changed out of my swim suit into my compression shorts for the run, and over those my padded bike shorts.  I grabbed my Accelerade and shot blocks and headed to the spin room.  The guy that won last year was in the 9:00AM heat so I was able to check his performances as they recorded mine.  He swam 31 laps and now I see he is cranking on the bike.

I adjusted my bike and got comfortable, and then we were off.  This time I brought my ipod so I had some good “hype up” music for my ride.  I started off slower than I wanted.  My goal was 19 miles in 30 minutes, which is 3.33 every 10 minutes.  At 10 minutes I was at 2.90…lazy.  So I cranked it up and was at 9 miles at the halfway point.  I finished with 18.2 or something.  I was 18.4 last time.  It’s so weird riding the spin because there is no bonus for resistance so the wheel is just going, it is basically how fast you can move your legs.

On to my specialty, the run.  This was a much quicker transition since the spin room is right next to the treadmills.  We got 5 minutes to switch.  My running training has been light lately so my plan was to take it fairly east in the first 2-3 minutes then steadily increase depending on how I feel.  The run is 20 minutes.  I started off at 6:30/mi pace and felt comfortable, by 5 min. in I dropped it down to 6:15 and at 7 min I was really feeling a groove at 6 flat pace…then BOOM, all the treadmills STOP…Blank screen.  Are you kidding me!!?!?  This is BS!  Of course there was no way of knowing the stats on our wave, so the only option was to switch treadmills and re-start.  I really tried to play it off and re group, but I wasn’t running 8 minute pace like the guy next to me, I was hammering.  Not to say there is anything wrong with 8 min. pace, but this guy didn’t really look upset that we had to restart.  And an extra 7 minutes of 6:15 pace is no easy feat.  I mean, I can do it, but my plan was to keep dropping the pace down to finish the last mile in 5:30/5:45 pace.

We got about 5 minutes rest while they figured out we would restart.  The only bonus was I was able to get right back into 6:20 pace without a build up, but my mind had already planned on a 20 minute run and at about 15 minutes into round 2, I could really feel the burn, I actually had to back off the pace a bit at one point.  Plus it was an inferno in this gym.  I sweat a lot as it is, but it was really hot.  And they only had 2 little house fans mounted on the wall to circulate a 30ft x 100 ft room…NICE.  My weight before leaving my house was 197 lbs, 1 hour of exertion later I was 193 and that is including drinking at least 32 oz of fluid.  So I lost 6 lbs of water weight.

I ended up with a 3.22 miles score, my first tri was 3.4 and I know I could have beat that with out the power failure.  Tough break, at least it wasn’t the championships, just a tune up.  Not sure if the 3.22 will hold up as the fastest of the day, but I beat last years winner by .1 in the run.

Knee felt great.  No pain.  A bit of swelling but nothing major.  At home icing the knee for precaution AND my shin with a half inch slice on it.  Battle wound 🙂

I am looking forward to doing an outdoor tri where I can actually compete AGAINST people and see where I am at.  Fun times.

Top 10 breakdown

As you can see.  My swim is still my big weakness, but it is improving.  Let me add an ** to my run time which I am sure would have been at least 3.4-3.5 miles, this would lower the other run scores.  I wouldn’t have won, but I would have been in the mix for 2nd or 3rd.  (just sayin…)  We’ll see how it all shakes out in the finals in 2 weeks.


Joe Kleinerman 10K Race Report

December 7, 2009 2 comments

What a better way to welcome winter weather than with a 10K team race!  The forecast for the 8AM race was 36 with a 28 degree wind chill.  I haven’t run in that kind of weather for about 10 months, so I was a little unsure what to wear for the race.  I tend to over dress, so I went light, a long sleeve, a short sleeve and my racing singlet.  On the bottom, short tights, regular shorts, and knee high Injinji compression socks. Gloves and a hat of course.

It was an unusually early race at 8AM, and to make it worse, race day number pick up was at NYRR headquarters at 89th St. while the race start was at 102nd St.  So Nate and I decided that instead of messing with the crazy weekend subway system at 6AM, we would just get a car at 6:30 and save some hassle.

I, of course, excited for the race was up and ready at 5:30AM, after tossing and turning for 15 more minutes, I realized no more sleep would be possible, so I got up had a Rev 3 (Usana Energy Drink) and a banana.  Also had a few Margarita Shot Bloks to counteract any dehydrating from early morning caffeine.

We got our numbers and jogged over to the Start.  Checked our bags,  I popped a couple No-Doz and we started a warm up at about 7:30.  We did a pretty good paced warm up for about 12 minutes, went back to bag check and removed our warm ups, then headed to our starting corral.

Now today was a team race, meaning it was one of the 10 annual races that is scored for the NY club point standings.  Club races are always a little more competitive than the “regular” NYRR races.  NYRR has about 40 clubs, give or take.  For the men’s division there is an “A” group and a “B” group.  The A group is the top 13 teams and the B group is the rest…Every year the winner of the B group gets promoted to the A group, while the last place A gets demoted.  We are currently 12th of 13 in the A group.  In most races scoring is done by adding the times of each team’s top 5 guys.  Exceptions to this are the Club Championships which scores 10 and the NYC Marathon which scores 3.  The scoring is as follows 15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1  and all teams after that field a 5 man team get 1 point also.  This thing is, the top 4 or 5 teams are basically pro teams with VERY good elite runners that are 5 minutes/mile or better, depending on race distance.  So, for the average local team, untouchable.  The next few teams are good mainly due to their size.  Our team is solid, consistent, although fairly small with no real standouts.  The Hoboken Harriers will be the next B team promoted and they are a very similar team to the BRRC.  The frustrating thing is that no matter how well we run as a team we rarely, if ever crack into the top 9 for those elusive 2 points.  It makes the actual aspect of the team race un-interesting to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I run hard for myself and the team and am very aware of teams we are competing with on the course, but I envy Hoboken because they are of similar talent to us but are winning the B team competition and get to actually SCORE points, ah well, they will join our plight soon enough.  The disparity of the upper A group and lower A group is so great that one promoted B team actually elected to stay in the B group since it’s more fun to battle against teams of similar talent.  I would suggest to the NYRR, changing this system.  One way would be to expand the A to be 20 teams and score all 20 from 1 point to 50 points.  There are just so many good teams caught in “no man’s land” of not being involved in any meaningful points competition.  Or maybe A, B, C groups.

Club Standings

OK, thats my soapbox speech to the NYRR 🙂

On to the race…

We inch our way up in the 1st corral and find John S., our fellow teammate.  He is not sure we will be able to field the 5 man team, since many of our best guys were “locked out” due to the race capacity being reached before they were able to register.  We will start our race with the hope that we have a couple guys that signed up for BRRC to make it a legal scoring race for us.  But even if we have 5, there is little hope that we will get more than the 1 point for fielding a team, the 2 point 9th place will be out of reach for a short team.

The gun sounds and we are off!  John is out speedy, especially for his 6:15 goal pace.  Nate and I are shooting for 6 flat.  My plan is 6 flat pace through 4 and then see if I can hold on for the last 2.2.

Mile 1–The first mile is congested and has a big downhill follow by a sizable uphill so it is a little difficult to find a rhythm.  I manage to come through right on pace in 6:05, Nate right with me and John up ahead at 5:55.

Mile 2–Settled in, but kept pushing the downhills and even effort on the up.  Came through in 5:57

Mile 3–Closed in on John and passed him.  Let him know that his arch nemesis from Central Park TC was gaining on him (they battle every race for supremacy in the 55-59 age group)  I feel strong, but try to keep my enthusiasm contained, especially on the downhills where I can tend to get carried away.  I keep pushing but start to wonder how I will keep this up, since 3 miles is only the half way point.  Split is 5:51, 17:53 at the 3 mile mark.  Right on schedule.

Mile 4–Time to focus.  I want to be at 24 min. at 4 miles then see what I have.  I feel good.  My marathon build up for NYC included a lot of 6 min pace tempo runs and many times Nate and I dipped under 6.  So I am imagining tempo, keep form, relax, don’t bunch up my shoulders, stay upright, run smooth.  I’m racing now though.  Very aware of the runners around me and trying to key off of them.  If someone comes up, I go with them.  Using the energy of the group to feed off of.  I keep expecting Nate to pull up next to me, but it doesn’t happen.  I hold steady with a 6:05, 23:58. Perfect.  Now it “go” time.

Mile 5–These Central Park races always start at different spots on the loop, and I never really know where I am.. Granted, I am quite directionally challenged, but I really never know what’s coming hill-wise.  I’m getting better, but some chunks of the loop are a surprise to me 😦  After 3+ years running the course, you’d think I would know by now.  Prospect Park in Brooklyn–I know like the back of my hand…Central Park, not so much.

5th mile had the big up, about 600 meters of up, and I felt every meter of it, lost focus a little since I was focused so much on first 4 miles, I relaxed.  Came through in 6:21, 30:19.  I’m still fired up, I know if I hold it together for the last mile, I’ll have a solid time.  My best 10k since moving to NY is 37:50, breaking that would be awesome.

Mile 6–Lactic acid sets in.  Left middle back get tight, hard to breathe, but I stay relaxed to best of my ability.  I push harder to make up for that 6:21, I need to get back on pace.  The last mile is rolling, I’m pushing hard, but don’t have any juice left to go with people passing me.  Tomo from Hoboken goes by me with 1000 meters to go.  I cheer him on, but really want to beat him.

Through 6 miles in 36:26 with a 6:06 split.  Bring it home, good time going if I can finish it up.  I am able to pick it up a bit and run my last .2 in 1:16 for a time of 37:43.  I did it.  NYC PR.  It’s a start.  I’m very pleased, especially with such light mileage after the marathon.  Only ran 12 miles last week due to arch pain.

Team race was good too.  We ended up having a team of 8 and came in 14th out of 42 teams (for 1 point)

I was 117th out of 4776.

BRRC team results

Prospect Park 5m Turkey Trot Race Report

December 4, 2009 2 comments

This was going to be my fiance’s NY race debut, but alas she developed a major blister on the walk over…It was a rookie mistake, baggy cotton socks were the culprit, I should have done a gear check before we left but we were in a rush to get our chip.  This leads me to the real story of awful race planning.

I contemplated doing a race day registration, but wanted it to be easy on race day, so I pre-registered at the local Jack Rabbit Sports.  Everything was going smoothly until I read the notice posted on the registration table

“Due to the un-expected high turnout we have run out of chips, if you want your race time to be recorded you may pick up your chip on race day at the Start.  Sorry for the inconvenience.”

OK.  They said they ran out of chips at 1000 entrants.  Last year’s race had 1200 runners.  It seems like they would have at least order that many.  The result of their error was mass chaos on race day.

We showed up hoping for the best, but there was no organization.  There were 3 lines and no direction as to what the lines were for.  Finally we found there was a line for race day registration, a line for chips for race day registered runners, a line for non-race day registered, and yet another line for people without a number.  Crazy.

Luckily we were there early and got in and out.  However, due to the blister, Alex withdrew from the race, saving her debut for Dec. 12th in Prospect Park. 🙂

I was planning on run-walking with her, but now with the new situation I decided to run it as a workout.  I found Steve from BRRC and hung out at the start area with him.  Suddenly, with no announcement, (that I could hear anyway) the gun goes off, and we start moving.  I never actually saw the starting line and had no idea when to start my watch.  Seems like with the chip they would have had a sensor to start, so we would have a net time.  Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to know where the start line was…a balloon, or banner, or something.  (I did find a thin orange line crookedly drawn across the road with chalk after finishing and jogging home…nice)

On to the race report of the ACTUAL race.

1 mile–7:13

jogged pretty easy for first 200 meters and realized we had actually started 🙂  gradually picked it up since I hadn’t really warmed up.

2 mile–6:25

fairly flat area, this split includes me stopping at the finish line to drop off Alex’s chip 🙂

3 mile–the uphill  800m….6:35 (really wanted negative splits)

4 mile– 6:15  found a nice rhythm

5 mile 5:59  closed nicely and didn’t feel like I was going all out

Final Time 32:31

Jogged home about 1.5 miles and iced my legs.  Arch and left shin were sore, but not any worse than the day before, so I was happy to get a good workout in before cooking Thanksgiving dinner and eating all the good stuff!

Official Result…keep in mind, 1/2 the people decided not to get their chips so they aren’t in here 😦

Turkey Trot Prospect Park 5m Results

Next Race Dec 6th…Joe Kleinerman 10K, Central Park

NYC Marathon 2009 Race Report

November 3, 2009 8 comments

What a day, What a day!  I have been looking forward to November 1st 2009 ever since I completed the NYC marathon in 2008.  I was happy to have my first marathon under my belt but KNEW I could do better.

After a year of waiting and 6 months of focused training the day was finally here.  Goal-Qualify for Boston Marathon.  I’m 35, so I needed a 3:15.  And I found out, when they say 3:15, they mean ALL of the 3:15…meaning they will accept up to 3:15:59.  OK good to know, lets hope I don’t need that.  I was wearing the 3:10 pace band, that is my ideal goal.  If I fall a little short I should have enough room to get a BQ.

The night before I was actually able to sleep.  I watched about 4 innings of the NY Yankee World Series game and finally decided to lay down after setting my clock back and setting three alarms for 5AM.  I got lucky with the race day transportation.  Instead of having to catch the 5:30AM Staten Island Ferry, my club, Brooklyn Road Runners offered a team bus.  That bus was scheduled to leave Brooklyn at 6:15AM, so I jumped at that opportunity!  That meant 1 extra hour of sleep (or restless, wide eyed staring at the ceiling, which is what it actually was)

I woke up at 4AM and pretended to sleep for another 45 minutes until I was just too excited and got out of bed.  All of my stuff was packed from the night before.  I mixed up 2 servings of R4, grabbed a couple bananas and checked the weather forecast for the day.  It said Hi 59, partly cloudy, with possible rain at 7am and 9am.  Current temp was 50.   I was out the door at 5:45.  Since Nate’s apartment is on the way, we met up and continued our walk to the bus (about 1.3 miles for me).

I was expecting an van or some sort, but it was an actual bus.  A yellow school bus to be exact.  We climbed aboard, said hello to all the groggy yet excited faces.  Some we knew from training runs, most we didn’t know.  John S, Scott M, Ricardo, Scott R, were all there, the core of our weekend run crew.

We waited for any stragglers and left a little late.  Supposed to leave at 6:15am, ended up leaving at about 6:25am, which is fine, should be a quick ride this early in the morning out to the bridge.  Unknown to the passengers, we needed to pick up a couple people on the way.  So we pull up to the corner of the pick up location and only 1 of the 2 people is there.

A frantic lady enters the bus and asks the driver if he can drive an extra block to pick up “Mike”.  Confusion and anxiety sweeps through the bus, well sweeps through me anyway.  What is going on?  Who is this lady?  Why are we stopping? We aren’t “late” but I just want to get to the island and get settled.

The situation with Mike is, he was concerned, since the bus was running late.  He went back to his house to get Steve’s phone number, (Steve is the bus organizer).  When Mike left for his house, the bus arrived, his friend was at the bus stop corner and started to panic because the bus driver wouldn’t drive into the neighborhood to get him.  Yada, Yada, Yada.  Long story short.  Mike finally shows up a couple minutes later, and we are on our way.  No harm done.

We finally make it to the bridge and there is a line of buses literally spanning the bridge.  Bumper to bumper traffic jam of buses, we FINALLY make it to the drop off point at about 7:15am.  I feel good.

We all say good luck to each other and split up to our color coded corrals, I am blue, most of the others are green-local competitive corral.

I get into the main area, alone, by choice.  I need to relax and focus, I don’t really want to chat with anyone.

I get out a garbage bag to sit on, find a vacant spot on the wet curb and take a seat.  Listening to my Ipod “psych-up” mix, trying my best to relax and be patient and still.  Conserve energy.  At this point, I just want to check my bag, warm up a little, get in my corral, and START already!!  But, I need to be patient, it is only 7:30, still over 2 hours to go.

At 7:45 I decide to explore a little, to familiarize myself with where I need to go.  First I grab some hot tea and use the restroom.  Speaking of which, I never waited more than 30 seconds for a Port-O-John.  I’ve heard horror stories about other marathons.  NYC definitely had this covered.

What could have been improved was the map of Fort Wadsworth (staging area).  There were plenty of maps on kiosks but there was no “You Are Here” on the map.  This made it hard to figure it out.  Plus, for blue bibs, there were a couple kiosks with arrows that directed me (and several 1000 others) down a dead end to a NYRR official that told us to go back and around.  It was confusing because I could see the blue baloons but the maze of fences and barricades made it challenging at best for the mice to find the cheese.

I finally figured it out.  I spread out my garbage bag again and changed into my “corral gear” which consisted of my racing shoes and my throw away warm ups.  Because of the cool temp and wind I decided to go with the beanie hat instead of the billed hat, arm sleeves, calf sleeves, throw away gloves, and I was good to go.  Put on one more layer of vaseline and headed over to the UPS trucks.

When I got to the UPS area, they called last call for 1st wave to check baggage.  That gave me a little shot of adrenaline…Am I running late??  How did this happen?  It was 8:20, I’m fine.  But where the heck are the corrals?…It wasn’t any use to follow people because there were people of all colors and all waves going every which way.  So I took a breathe, re-read the map, and headed toward what I hoped was the corrals.

For someone who is directionally challenged, I was shocked at how easily I found my corral, AND it hadn’t even opened yet!  It opened as I arrived there and I was one of the first in the corral, I secured a spot on the curb and sat down with my Accelerade bottle, and water bottle, time is 8:35.  I was able to sit still until about 8:50, then I started to get fidgety and wanted to warm up a little and stretch.  I got up did a bit of jogging in the corral, which is fairly small and filling up quickly.  I looked in the corral behind mine for John Hindy, but couldn’t find him.  I started to worry that I was using too much energy warming up.  I saw many people still sitting and couldn’t help but think they knew better.  It was now 9am, I took my 2 caffeine tablets, and my salt tablet, ate 3 Shot Bloks and drank about 5 oz of water.  At this point about 1/3 of the people in the corral are standing at the front, jockeying for position already, 1/3 are still sitting, and 1/3 are jogging and stretching.  I’m in the jogging and stretching group.  I feel like I’m in some kind of war camp because this speaker is blaring an instruction loop in 5 different languages…”This is the start for wave 1, please dispose of garbage and clothing in receptacles provided…”  Finally a horn sounds and everyone moves toward the rope at the front of our corral.   And we wait, speaker still screaming.  And we wait.  The speaker stops.  Thank you.  Oh, I spoke too soon, it starts again, now with Wave 2 instructions.  And we wait.  9:20, we are finally released again, we shuffle about 600m to the real start into a canyon made of double decker buses.  Runners immediately start shedding warmups, wadding them up and throwing them to the upper deck of the buses.  If they don’t make it, they fall on the head of the unsuspecting runners near the buses.  I keep my warmup pants on until the last minute, I will run the first 2 miles in the jacket.  I try my best to stay warm and loose.  The National Anthem is played, Mary Wittenberg says a few words, Mayor Bloomberg says Good Luck and without further ado, the canon blasts and we are off!  Kind of.  We shuffle up to the line in walk/jog fashion.  I learned my lesson last year.  Easy up the bridge, use it as a warm up.  Meanwhile, there are people bobbing and weaving, irritated that all these people are in the way.  I was comfortable, relaxed.  Making sure no one tripped me and watching for discarded clothing on the bridge.  I noticed an unusually large number of guys urinating off the side of the bridge.  Seems like a big time waster, but if you gotta go, you gotta go, I guess.

NYC 2009 CT 1st Ave

Me--Mile 22.5 Fifth Avenue NYC 2009

I had a pace band on provided by NIKE, set for 3:10, it was terrain specific, but didn’t really allow for a fade at the end.  In hindsight I should have worn the band from .  Live and learn.

I will talk about each section of the race with mile splits and how it compared to my pace band goal and ( ) will have the +/- over or under the goal pace cumulative time.

Mile 1- 7:58  Goal 7:58

Mile 2-6:45  Goal 6:48

VERY pleased at this point.  I am tuned in and perfect thru 2 miles which is very important to start properly.  It shortens the race.

Mile 3 7:04 Goal 7:13

A little quick

Mile 4 7:04  Goal 7:13

Mile 5 7:00  Goal 7:10

Mile 6 7:09  Goal 7:07

Really enjoying being my 2nd NYC marathon at this point.  Brooklyn has the BEST crowds AND it’s pretty flat.  Good combo.  Water stops early in the race are pretty packed, but not too bad, since people are still running through and not walking or stopping like later in the race.

Water stop execution can be tricky.  First off, Gatorade and Water cups were basically the same color, so I really had to pay attention.  I didn’t use Gatorade since I had Shot Bloks, I needed water to dilute them in my stomach.  I usually ended up taking 2 water cups.  One early in the line and one near the end.  This way I would get a solid 8oz+ after the spillage and inconsistent content of each cup.  Some were full, some half full.

Mile 7 7:09  Goal 7:11

Mile 8 7:14  Goal 7:18

I see my fan club for the first time, Alex, my fiance’ and my Dad visiting from California.  I swing over to them and ask if they are getting the Athlete Alert email…YES, everything is running smoothly.  And I glide away, feeling very comfortable.

Mile 9 7:24  Goal 7:19

Mile 10 7:10  Goal 7:06

Mile 11 7:17  Goal 7:22

Holding steady.  I see a couple guys talking that are running same pace as me.  One guy has “NYC VIRGIN” written an his calves.  I ask him what time he is shooting for and he says “3:10”.  Perfect, me too.  I’ll hang with these guys.

Mile 12 7:14  Goal 7:09

Mile 13 7:25  Goal 7:20 (-18 sec)

Half Marathon 1:34:51

Right on the money.  Ok, now the work begins.

Mile 14 7:22  Goal 7:09  (-3 sec)

Mile 15 7:41  Goal 7:32  (+6 sec)

John Hindy caught me at about 15.5 right before the bridge, which is ironic because we ran the last 11 miles of the course together about 3 weeks prior starting at the base of the Queensboro bridge.  Hindy was a welcome surprise.  I knew an ideal goal for Hindy in his first ever marathon was to qualify for Boston 3:10:59 or faster (he’s 27 years old).  So to see him right on pace at 15 was exciting.  I was feeling some left quad soreness, just above the knee toward the inside.  It didn’t really hurt but it seemed to be fatiguing faster than the right side.  Everything else checked out except for some upper back tightness but that was minor in the big picture.  Seeing Hindy took my mind off the task ahead, and that was a nice mental break.  We got over the bridge but I didn’t come down the bridge as fast as I wanted.  I think I was using the downhill as a bit of a recovery.

DSC_6286Hindy 22.5 Miles

Mile 16 7:39  Goal 7:09  (+36 sec)

We got down to the “crazy 1st Ave crowd” who were just as quiet as last year.  Hindy and I pumped our arms to get them fired up and they did end up cheering.  But I felt like they were looking for inspiration instead of the other way around 😦  Maybe they were saving THEIR energy for 4 more hours of cheering…

Mile 17 7:15  Goal 7:13

I knew we had to push a little to get back on pace.  Ran a good mile, right at goal pace.  I was happy with that.  Don’t need to get it all back at once.

Mile 18 7:15  Goal  7:09

Really in the zone now, running with a familiar face.  My fan club (Dad and Alex) were at 110th just before mile 19.  I got a new Accelerade bottle and gave the remainder of my other to Hindy.  I know we have to start to dig down a little now.  Get in and out of the Bronx and its 5 miles to go.

Mile 19 7:24  Goal 7:13

Mile 20 7:32  Goal 7:18  (+1:08)

That Willis bridge was a tough one.  Small but painful, uneven footing.  Slower than I wanted.  A minute over pace, but I still feel good about it.  Seems like the next water station will never come.

Mile 21 7:41  Goal 7:11  (+1:38)

After MANY turns in the Bronx (a few more than last year due to course change) we are over the Madison Bridge and back into Manhattan.  I can feel the finish now.  I’m thinking 5th ave, Marcus Garvey, 5th Ave, Central Park, 59th, Finish.  Easier said than done.  AND my overage is creeping up, I have to “stop the bleeding”  Time to refocus.

Mile 22 7:29  Goal 7:11

Around Marcus Garvey Park, which, for some reason is one of my favorite parts of the course.  Maybe because we are almost done 🙂  Hindy is pulling away, but I push to keep within earshot so I can still yell to him to keep it up.

Mile 23 7:47  Goal 7:18

Right after 22 I see my fan club again.  I forgot they would be here!  I’m starting to hurt.  My feet are so sore I try to curl my toes on my right foot for some relief and my toes, arch and achilles cramp up.  NOOOOOO!  OK relax, I straighten my toes back out, try to regroup, my achilles is still tight, relax.  Ok, better.  Sorry toes, it won’t happen again….I hope.  I glance at my fiance and Dad and shake my head.

Mile 24 8:27  Goal 7:20 (+3:34)  Total Time 2:57:31

Here is the hill, up 5th ave and into Central Park. Hamstrings on both sides are twitching I slow it down a bit to regroup.  Both achilles are twitching.  I actually stop to get a quick calf stretch on a curb.  I try to grab an orange from a lady and almost have it.  It is in my grasp and I fumble it to the ground.  The crowd lets out a grown.  I let out a grown, that attempt at eye hand coordination causes my hammys to ball up again.  Not a good idea.  Note to self, no orange grabs next time.  IM SO CLOSE TO THE TIME I NEED 2.2 TO GO.  I try to calculate what pace I need to be at 3:15:59.  I’m thinking, OK, 2:58 and I have until 3:16, two more 9 min miles and I’m good.  I can do it!

Mile 25 8:47  Goal 7:09

WOW!  I am really slowing down.  I can’t believe it is going to be this close and I can’t run any faster.  The downhill is KILLING my quads.  I am in the “marathon shuffle” and my stride is so short I can’t believe I’m still moving.  One step at a time. COME ON!  GET THERE!!

I see a Giant “1” sign.  OK, that must mean 1 mile to go…what’s the watch say.  3:08:00  I need an 8 minute mile after an 8:27 and an 8:47.  I’ve gotta dig down.  I didn’t just run 26.2 to be 3 seconds short.  I start to open up the stride a little, decent, decent, ok that’s enough.  My legs told me what the max speed was.

I turn on to 59th.  The turn did NOT feel good, all the cramps flare up.  Settle it down.  800 to go, 3:12 on the watch.  I can see balloons through the trees.  Just don’t fall, I tell myself.

Mile 26 8:01  Goal 7:18

Last 400 meters, all those tempo workouts, don’t fail me now!  COME ON!  I can taste it! 3:14:10 on the watch.  I know I have to hustle!!  Less than 2 minutes to go.  Pump your arms!  100 meters to go 3:14:55. EVERY-THING-YOU-GOT-RIGHT-NOW…Power across the line…check the watch…3:15:50…

YEAH!  YEAH BABY!  I pump my fist in the air.  It’s going to be close.  My watch and official time will probably differ, but I feel like :09 is a big enough buffer to make it.  Either way I am super proud of myself.  I left it ALL on the course and you can’t ask for anything more than that. (I’ve got to get the Brightroom Video.  I really want to see my finish.)

.2   1:30  (7:30 pace!)  Goal 1:35

Sure enough…official time

Final Official Time 3:15:53

Boston Here I Come!!

2506th out of 43375 Finishers

(Story continued below…)


My fiance' cheering me on!


My Dad-All the Way from California!

Exhaustion set in quick.  “Are you Ok? Are you OK?” ,Medical staff swarm me.  “Yeah, Yeah, I’m fine, I need the aluminum sheet.”  I mumble out.  “The metal paper, food, I need to drink”  She points me to the direction.  She has none of those requested items.

A finishers medal is draped on my head.  Nice.  But still, none of those requested items.

I see Hindy up ahead and congratulate him on an Awesome first marathon (3:13:52).  I finally get my thermal blanket.  I’m freezing!  Food?  I need it.  Now.  We each grab 2 bags of “goodies”  I pound a Gatorade. And we continue our hobbled shuffle down the ever stretching mile of UPS trucks holding out checked baggage containing our warm dry clothes.

What seems like forever and a day later, we finally reach our trucks and get our gear.  One truck up I see Nate.  “Did you get sub 3?”  I ask him.  “Naw, 3:03:45, I fell apart in the last 2, couldn’t hold it.”

“That’s still awesome, is it your best NY?”


“Alright then. You rocked it!  I’m gonna be close to Boston, but I think I got it by 9 seconds”


We get dressed and shuffle another mile out of the park and back down Central Park West to meet Alex and my Dad, while we eat apples and reminisce about our collective triumph.

Picture 4

Unofficial Results Brooklyn Road Runners Club


Nate 22.5 Miles

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