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Nothing like a 6AM Brick to wake you up!

July 29, 2010 1 comment

Crawled out of bed at 5:25 AM, had a Rev3 (healthier than Red Bull) got my bike gear on and headed out. My main goals of the brick were; 1) to do it, 2) practice transition 3) make sure “no socks” was doable
Accomplished all 3. Transition was fast and no blisters. The shoes I’m using are Zoot, got ’em on sale at Jack Rabbit during the Seventh Heaven Street Fair. Half Off! Really comfortable and they have quick pull elastic laces.

Zoot Men's Ultra Tempo 2.0 Triathlon Shoes

And I wore my bike shoes sockless, which I had done before and it was fine.  I used this product called Blister shield that I had got a sample from at some race, maybe NY Marathon.  You’re supposed to dump the powder in your socks and it prevents blisters.  I dumped it in my biking shoes instead and it worked great.

Did 3 loops (3.3 mi per loop) on the bike then about a 30 second transition and 1 loop running.  Felt good, didn’t push too hard, good easy pace.  Achilles felt good.

Afterwords went to R & A and got my gears and brakes adjusted, new handlebar tape and aerobars.  I’m psyched.  I’ve wanted aerobars for a while now.  They look cool.  Here’s a pic of the new and improved speed machine 🙂

Souped up bike



My 2nd indoor Triathon, Prospect Park YMCA (With RESULTS!!)

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

After all this drama with my knee and the go ahead from my doctor to resume regular training, I was very much looking forward to competing in this triathlon on my “home turf” at my gym, the Prospect Park YMCA.  I didn’t really have super high aspirations since I have been AWOL from consistent training for the last 2 months, I’m just itching to compete in something 🙂

I have recently taken a new job and have been working my tail off for the last 2 weeks.  For those that don’t know….I’m a chef and I’ve been putting in about 60-65 hours a week, 90% of which is spent on my feet and running up and down stairs.  In a way, I guess it keeps me in shape but it is also draining and not really race specific exercise.

I choose to do the 9AM wave, just to get started early.  Woke up around 7:45 since the walk over is only about 10 minutes.  I arrived about 8:15, signed in for the 9:15 wave, took a quick tour and went outside for a 1 mile warmup before my swim.

Got in the pool, they give us a couple minutes to warm up in the pool.  At this pool there is a little ledge about 4 feet down the wall, so you can stand on it.  So I did.  And as I pushed off to start my warm up, my left foot slipped off the ledge and the bottom of my shin slammed the ledge…OOOWWWW.  So for 1/2 a lap of my warm up I was cursing under water.  It really hurt, but I had no time to worry about it, oh well.

I’ve been practicing my swimming but not enough.  It’s funny…I actually thought I had made a giant performance leap since swimming my first tri, but today realized that the pool I practice in is only 20 yds 😦  In my training I’ve been steady at 24 laps in 10 minutes.  I managed 26 laps today so I was happy with the PR, and distance wise, it was longer than my first tri, even with the shorter pool.  1st Tri 475 yds, 2nd Tri 520 yds.  26 laps.  Felt slow, but I still was close to the top.  Not sure about official results, but I will post them here in the next couple days.

Out of the pool and we had about 15 minutes for transition, so I changed out of my swim suit into my compression shorts for the run, and over those my padded bike shorts.  I grabbed my Accelerade and shot blocks and headed to the spin room.  The guy that won last year was in the 9:00AM heat so I was able to check his performances as they recorded mine.  He swam 31 laps and now I see he is cranking on the bike.

I adjusted my bike and got comfortable, and then we were off.  This time I brought my ipod so I had some good “hype up” music for my ride.  I started off slower than I wanted.  My goal was 19 miles in 30 minutes, which is 3.33 every 10 minutes.  At 10 minutes I was at 2.90…lazy.  So I cranked it up and was at 9 miles at the halfway point.  I finished with 18.2 or something.  I was 18.4 last time.  It’s so weird riding the spin because there is no bonus for resistance so the wheel is just going, it is basically how fast you can move your legs.

On to my specialty, the run.  This was a much quicker transition since the spin room is right next to the treadmills.  We got 5 minutes to switch.  My running training has been light lately so my plan was to take it fairly east in the first 2-3 minutes then steadily increase depending on how I feel.  The run is 20 minutes.  I started off at 6:30/mi pace and felt comfortable, by 5 min. in I dropped it down to 6:15 and at 7 min I was really feeling a groove at 6 flat pace…then BOOM, all the treadmills STOP…Blank screen.  Are you kidding me!!?!?  This is BS!  Of course there was no way of knowing the stats on our wave, so the only option was to switch treadmills and re-start.  I really tried to play it off and re group, but I wasn’t running 8 minute pace like the guy next to me, I was hammering.  Not to say there is anything wrong with 8 min. pace, but this guy didn’t really look upset that we had to restart.  And an extra 7 minutes of 6:15 pace is no easy feat.  I mean, I can do it, but my plan was to keep dropping the pace down to finish the last mile in 5:30/5:45 pace.

We got about 5 minutes rest while they figured out we would restart.  The only bonus was I was able to get right back into 6:20 pace without a build up, but my mind had already planned on a 20 minute run and at about 15 minutes into round 2, I could really feel the burn, I actually had to back off the pace a bit at one point.  Plus it was an inferno in this gym.  I sweat a lot as it is, but it was really hot.  And they only had 2 little house fans mounted on the wall to circulate a 30ft x 100 ft room…NICE.  My weight before leaving my house was 197 lbs, 1 hour of exertion later I was 193 and that is including drinking at least 32 oz of fluid.  So I lost 6 lbs of water weight.

I ended up with a 3.22 miles score, my first tri was 3.4 and I know I could have beat that with out the power failure.  Tough break, at least it wasn’t the championships, just a tune up.  Not sure if the 3.22 will hold up as the fastest of the day, but I beat last years winner by .1 in the run.

Knee felt great.  No pain.  A bit of swelling but nothing major.  At home icing the knee for precaution AND my shin with a half inch slice on it.  Battle wound 🙂

I am looking forward to doing an outdoor tri where I can actually compete AGAINST people and see where I am at.  Fun times.

Top 10 breakdown

As you can see.  My swim is still my big weakness, but it is improving.  Let me add an ** to my run time which I am sure would have been at least 3.4-3.5 miles, this would lower the other run scores.  I wouldn’t have won, but I would have been in the mix for 2nd or 3rd.  (just sayin…)  We’ll see how it all shakes out in the finals in 2 weeks.

Swimming Laps

January 2, 2010 3 comments

Since I signed up for my first ever triathlon, I figured I better see if I can still swim 🙂  And since my gym doesn’t have a pool I needed to investigate and find a pool to use.  The triathlon is a very short indoor tri.  10 minute swim, 30 min bike, 20 min treadmill.  I googled “indoor pools in nyc” and came across the Sports Center at Chelsea Pier, which I’ve heard of before, but never been inside.  I filled out the form online and received a call from a rep there.  I scheduled a trial day for today at 2pm.

I went to the gym after running an moderate 6 miles outside in the morning.  I think it would be fair to say that it would be warmer on the moon than it was in Brooklyn today.  Wow!  SO Cold and super windy, gusting up to 40mph.  I was happy to get the run in, like one of the guys in our group said, it’s the kind of weather that makes you tougher at mile 19.

I came back home had  breakfast and got ready to head out to the Chelsea Pier Gym.  It’s an awesome place, but really far from my apartment.  It took me a solid hour to get there.  I can’t see myself making that trip very often, there are some YMCA pools closer, but obviously not as nice.

Chelsea Pier Pool

Well the swim was tough, to say the least.  I think my fellow blogger sums it up best here…

“I started off in a 25 meter pool, beginning with with the modest goal of six laps of the pool (150 metres). On the first day, I thought my lungs would explode after doing the first 25 meters, gasping, eyes bulging and wondering what the hell I was doing in this environment unsuitable for humans.”

That’s about right 🙂  I wanted to swim for 10 minutes just to get a feel of how long that was for the tri.  It’s long!  I had to take a breather every 2 laps.  It was a weird kind of tired.  Nothing was fatigued muscularly, but I couldn’t catch my breath.  My pulse wasn’t even that high, only about 120.  I did 12 laps comfortably with much rest.  I did a couple “quick” ones at the end and was around 22 seconds.  I don’t think my form is very good.  Maybe I’ll take a triathlon class and get some tips.  It was fun and definitely a challenge, much respect for swimmers.

Then I went to check out the track.  Pretty nice.  A full 4oo meter track with a mini 200 meter banked loop inside of the big track.  I ran a mile.  The track is only 3 lanes most of the way, so its a little tight if there are other people on it.  Great view of the river from the pool and the track.

After the track I realized they had a spin bike and that is what I need to ride in the tri.  Usually at the gym I ride the “regular” exercise bike, they are very different.

I rode it for 30 minutes and managed to get to 16.6 miles.  I feel like that’s decent.  The resistance was light, set at “gear 8” for most of the ride, but I don’t think resistance is a factor at the indoor tri, just total RPMs.

Then I jumped back on the track for 800m just to see how my legs would feel running after that effort.  Pretty heavy, but they loosened up after 400m.  I’ll try to get back in a pool one more time.  But if I don’t, no biggie.  I know now that I won’t drown 🙂

Happy new year everyone.  Let’s set some ambitious goals and go get em!!

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