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Another Chilly Day in NYC, Another Solid Workout

October 18, 2009 2 comments

Total miles on Saturday, 12.  Ran 3 miles on the warm up, then 2×2 miles at tempo with a 2 min rest.  Splits were, 6:24 (uphill), 5:58 downhill, rest, 6:19 uphill, 6:01 downhill.  Felt healthy and fast.  Weight before 188, after 183.  Had a little inner left knee pain for last few days, but hip and foot felt great today.  Ultrasound machine really helping.

Talked with John Shostrom and Scott McCraw about marathon pacing and goals.  They seem to think 3:15 should be a piece of cake for me.  I hope they are right…I think I am ready.  My only concern is, with only 1 marathon under my belt and such a drastic “hit of the wall”, I am cautious rather than cocky.

Running these tempos plus the 1:25 half marathon gives me good confidence.  Speed is not the issue.  Endurance is the issue.  My plan is to be conservative for the first half.  I would be happy to be around 1:35 and try to hold even or maybe run a negative split.

Ended up with 36 miles for the week.  Will drop it down more next week, 28-31 miles with a 3×10 min tempo on Wed or Thurs.  No more weight lifting.

The 10 day weather forecast still only goes up to Monday October 26, and says that day will be Sunny Hi 57, Lo 46.  I can live with that for the marathon, lets hope that weather holds, even a little cooler would be perfect.


2 Weeks and 4 Days to go…..When to do Last LONG Run? Injury Update

October 13, 2009 2 comments

People often ask me when they should be doing their last long run.  NYRR posted a good article in their Daily Tip for Monday…


I define Long Run as 18+, so I did mine already, although I will do a 14 miler 8 days before marathon and a very easy pace.

Today I ran 2 loops of Prospect Park, a bit quicker than I ran yesterday.  Groin and foot felt better and I’m starting to wonder if running slow actually agrevates them more…Half Marathon Race they both felt great, easy run…not so great.

For todays run I actually cut a slit in my sock on my strained foot to lessen the pressure of the sock ribbing.  There is currently a 3 inch section of swollen tendon on the top of my foot and it only bothers me when something presses on it, even if only slightly.  So I had to alter my sock and took my lace down one more eyelet.

My new ultrasound wand comes tomorrow.  I have an ultrasound now, called the Exogen Bone Healer, but it has a different function than an ultrasound wand.  It is meant to be placed on one location for 20 minutes, not moved around like a wand.  It was only $120

Ultrasound portable machine

Ultrasound portable machine

Moved Thursdays Tempo workout to Wednesday to include Hindy (he work Thurs morning)…the more the merrier 🙂

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