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Solid Tempo Workout 9/30/09, Therapy Tools I Use, Sample Gym Workout

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Ran in Prospect Park today, 20 min Easy (7:45pace), 15 min Tempo (6:15-6:25 pace), then repeated, 20 min Easy and another 15 min Tempo.  Nate and I discussed how far we have come from the beginning of April.  We typically meet on Tues and Thurs morning at 6am or 6:30 depending on the length of the run.  Back in Early April we would run 1 loop (4 miles) on both days.  Then we increased Tuesday  to 1.5 loops in June and 2 loops in July.  Of course this is in addition to our other runs during the week.  But my point is we started out 6 months ago running 4 miles easy and we are now running 10 miles with about 4 miles of it at tempo pace.

I felt good today health wise, had good turnover and power up the hills.  I will continue icing and heating all the way to the marathon though, out of precaution and prevention of future issues.

I found a cool article on stumble titled

Endurance Athletes and Nutrition – When To Consume What

I also wanted to add a bit about the things I have purchased in the last year to help my well being.  Last year I was getting deep tissue massage once a week to aid in my hamstring strain recovery and prevention.  However it is a little pricey at $85 a pop.  So I have invest in some tools that I can use at home that keep muscles free from knots.

Not Me (by the way...)

Not Me (by the way...)

Also use The Stick for leg massage, and article I read called it “a toothbrush for muscles”, a good description.  Nice since it allows the user to alter the pressure.

I purchased the Exogen Bone Healing System last Winter after my umpteenth stress fracture developed during marathon training.  I got it off ebay for $200, or around there.  New they are $2000, but what happens is they are prescribed to patients for expedited healing of broken bones and it is covered by their insurance, so when they are done they sell it to make a little money.  Anyway, I picked one up to heal my shin last year and I use it regularly to promote healing in that shin area as a preventative measure.  From what I understand, it is basically an ultrasound device that promotes blood flow to the area it is placed on.  The node is about the size of a quarter and 1 treatment lasts 20 minutes.  I don’t feel anything when using it, but no stress fractures this year, so maybe it’s working 🙂

Also different from last years training regimen is regular visits to the gym for strength training 2-3 times per week.  My workout is very high rep, low weight and involves little to no leg work.  I always start with some form of cardio, usually bike or elyptical machine.  I only run on the treadmill if it was a scheduled run that I didn’t do outside for whatever reason (heat, rain, time, etc).  Cardio for 10-30 minutes, then a typical workout is 2 sets of 25 hanging raises

Can add twist but not neccesary

Can add twist but not neccesary

I like to work on my arms, shoulders, and back since they are crucial in running.  Many runners are hesitant to use weights because they don’t want extra bulk, but what I have found is that if you’re running consistently and you use low weight/high rep you will not put on bulk.

I do side arm raises with 10-15lb dumbbells, front arm raises with 10-15lb dumbbells, and bent over runner with 10-15 dumbbells. 2 sets of 15 of each exercise.

Upright row on machine, or bent over row. 2 sets of 15.  Lat pull 2 sets of 15.  There is a cool machine my gym has that is called abdominal twist.  You kneel on a “seat” and brace your torso against a pad, then twist your trunk to lift the weight.

I also do back extensions, 2 x 15

back extension device

back extension device

After I lift I finish with 10-20 min of cardio.

I do this during almost all of my training.  I really like the cross training part of it.  The biking especially flushes my legs and helps me recover on the off days without the pounding of the roads.

Comments and questions are more than welcome.  Please feel free to comment. Thanks

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