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Saw the Orthopedic doctor

Finally made it to bring my MRI film to the orthopedic doctor.  Apparently the MRI office didn’t include all of the usual film sheets that this doctor is used to.  He inspected the ones they did provide and pointed out the very small horizontal tear that showed up.  The doctor however was “unimpressed” with the cyst.  He mentioned cysts were common in meniscus tears and he wasn’t concerned. He also explained a horizontal tear is a way I could picture.  It is not like a tear on a piece of paper but it is more like a tear as if you were slicing a bagel.  So to scope it and “trim” the tear would essentially make the meniscus more thin in that area.

He did a bunch of leg twists to see how stable my knee was and to check for any pain.  There was no pain or tenderness.  And there really hasn’t been pain or swelling in the last few weeks.  He said he would not reccommend surgery at this time.

He said to resume normal running activity and monitor the knee.  If it starts to swell again or becomes painful, surgery may be necessary but for now back to the streets 🙂

Maybe it will actually heal.  I am doing some ultrasound on it, also making sure I’m keeping my hamstrings stretched.  I am also applying MSM cream nightly, which is supposed to restore collagen tissue.  Meniscus are composed of some collagen fibers, so it’s worth a try….

  1. Dad
    February 16, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Good news!

  2. February 22, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Ah! I’ve just found out that I tore my lateral meniscus while trekking so I share your pain my friend. I’ve been told to exercise for a month after which the doctor would decide whether a surgery would be necessary. Good luck with your recovery!

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